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The Quantum Elements: Part 3


What is the essence, the substance, of the Universe? The answer is warmth. This warmth is not derived directly from the sun; what we experience from the sun is heat. Warmth is not felt when we sit in front of a fire; that, too, is heat. The essence of life—warmth—is that which the sun receives and radiates throughout the solar system. It emanates from the Source of All: behind the sun. It is this essence that animates our bodies and our minds. It is the first element of life that is welcomed in the new-born baby and the one most missed by

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Fourth Stage of Sexual Development – Power


If an individual is in this stage of sex, especially within a relationship, they will experience a power struggle, felt not just in sex but also throughout all other aspects of life. If attempts to overcome the lack of self-control at the primal stage of sex have been unsuccessful, one or other partners will attempt to establish external control. This strategy does not work, real control is found within. For people living at this level, situations and circumstances keep repeating. Destructive relationships, financial difficulties and sexual problems won’t go away. They keep showing up irrespective of location or relationship partner. Imagine what it must

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Third Stage of Sexual Development – Primal


This level of sex provides an opportunity to evolve to Simple Sex. Relationships are usually the catalyst for this first metamorphosis. Unfortunately, not everyone makes this transition, even through a relationship of love. When one partner is still attached to Outside-In Sex while the other is ready for Simple Sex, there is fertile ground for deep conflict and potential schism. It can be puzzling for a couple to discover deep conflicts and strife emerging within their relationship when everything on the surface appears to be compatible. The differences between Outside-In and Simple Sex, however, exist at the unseen levels of consciousness and energy. The goal

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Five Stages of Sexual Development


First Stage of Sexual Development: Innocence It would be naive and inaccurate to say that the human being is asexual when he or she is born as a baby. Of course, that is what we like to think as we look at the little innocent laying in the cradle, yet sexual development starts immediately. The newly born begins to sense the essential distinctions of the feminine and masculine energies of parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends. Through the senses of touch, hearing, taste, smell, and sight, the baby experiences the pleasurable–and not so pleasurable–aspects of these other life energies. Discovering life energies through the

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Surrogate Partner Training


The ICASA training programme employs a combination of teaching, experiential exercises, group discussions and direct feedback in order to maximise trainee learning and growth. Participants are guided through a series of structured relaxation, communication, sensual and sexual awareness exercises, integrated with experiences that enhance trainee self-awareness and capacity for intimacy. Trainers provide individual feedback and advice for every trainee throughout the training programme. The experiential aspects of surrogate partner training are modelled on the practices of The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme and aim to develop knowledge, awareness, skills and attitude necessary for effective surrogate partner work. Experiential learning also generates

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How To Eradicate Loneliness Forever


  Millions of people, everywhere across the globe, are affected adversely by a sense of loneliness. It is a problem of pandemic proportions throughout the world today, causing misery, sickness and suicides on a massive scale. Can anything be done to cure loneliness? Are we simply victims of our condition—or do we possess the power to control our circumstances? Maybe you are like many people who are fatalistic, thinking that genes, heredity, environment and social status cause personal circumstances; they believe that these are the reasons for their failures, struggles or disadvantages. On the other hand, observation of the history

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Why You Should Never “Settle Down”


Were you told as a child, or adolescent, that you should “find a nice boy, or girl, and settle down?” If so, it is time that you rejected such advice. It is impossible to experience Quantum Sex if you have “settled down.”  The idea of “settling down” is one that tells you to stop expressing yourself fully; it is intended to reign in the behaviour of adolescents who are exploring life and pushing the conventional boundaries. It would be much safer, the “settling-down” idea posits, to live within boundaries, rather than to explore life beyond them. This is true; but

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Why Everybody Should Have a Quantum Sex Life


  Everybody needs to have a good sex life. The ancients in the Orient attributed the Way to good health and longevity of life to be through an active sex life. Artists, poets, writers, musicians, inventors—all creative people—have an active sexual appetite. Why? Because what we call sex energy is the Universal Creative Force; ultimately, it is so creative that it can even produce a physical body that contains human life. Whenever sexual energy is aroused there is a surge of Creative Energy, which, in the right conditions, can be harnessed and used for extraordinary purposes—personal health, vitality, happiness, and

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The Life Changing Secret to Never Again Having to Say “How Was That For You”?


Most men and women today believe that the aim of intimate touch is to achieve pleasure in their partner. But this mistaken belief is the seed of all performance anxiety. As a result, many men and women are anxious about sex and intimate relationships. They worry about whether they will be able to please their partner. They wonder if they are ‘doing it right’. Men are insecure about their ability to touch and to make love in such a way that fulfils their partner. “How was it for you?” they ask after love-making, concerned that she may not be satisfied;

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Surrogate Partner Therapy


In appropriate cases, Surrogate Partner Therapy is incorporated within the context of the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. This works by restoring the body’s natural sexual responses through a non-demand sexual environment and giving the client instruction, support and effective sexual training techniques which eliminate pressure and restore sexual confidence. Since being established in 1994 the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has helped over a thousand people to gain control of their sexual responses and lead a full, satisfying sex life.  High efficacy rates have been made possible through the resources of a skilled and highly sensitive team that includes ICASA

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