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Love, Dependency and Authenticity


Reality and Fantasy It is amazing how many people, in this case both men and women in equal numbers, hold an image in their mind of lovemaking being an experience that should always happen spontaneously.  Just like the Hollywood movies, the lovers gaze at each other, music starts to play; fires within are ignited, clothes are ripped off and lovemaking occurs automatically.  Nobody speaks a word; only music and beautiful camera angles.  Afterwards, the two are inevitably in love and will live together happily ever after.  “Real life” is rarely like that. At the beginning of surrogate partner therapy, the

Learning To Trust Through Communication With Your Partner


The first step to trust is learning to communicate genuinely and sincerely with yourself. You probably tend to think that there is little you can do about your “negative” thoughts and feelings because you assume that, for the most part, feelings just come and go as they please and that you have little power to influence them. You will tend to hide those feelings you dislike or want to deny, hoping they will go away, and show only those that are considered acceptable. For intimacy to be enjoyed without anxiety it is important to acknowledge your fears, desires and fantasies,

Enter The Goddess – Sexual Surrogate Partners


  A surrogate partner is neither prostitute nor princess; She is neither maiden nor crone; She is not defined by age, appearance or by conventional social morality. She is a Woman of The Light; a sexual healer. A surrogate partner gives herself to others for their healing and happiness; She proves them to be whole. Like a child who has learned to walk, he overcomes his fears, and then disappears; She is forgotten, though forever remembered. A surrogate partner loves others as an aspect of the Beloved; She is defined by whom she is within. She cries, laughs, loves and

The Quantum Elements


‘The Spirit was indivisible, existing alone in the home of infinity Even as thus, the One became two: spirit and nature, man and woman, positive and negative, peacock and peahen, the jewel of male and female.                                                                                                                         Paramahansa Yogananda   There are



When the mind is mentioned, most people automatically think merely of the physical brain.  This is, indeed, a marvellous organ.  Like a ‘super computer’ hard drive, the brain holds more memory than the greatest and most powerful computer on earth.  Its intricacy is beyond the knowledge of the most learned scientists.  It is not, however, the originator of all impressions. The brain is a receiver through which we translate impressions into thoughts, concepts and concrete information; just as a radio or TV set is the receiver of invisible waves, beamed from a source of signals and transformed into intelligible information. 

Natural and Metaphysical Laws


Intimate relationships can either be stressful and performance- centred, creating anxiety and disillusionment, or they can be relaxing, blissful, and ecstatic. A good experience can aid a healthy body and mind and heal the emotions. A bad experience can be stored in the body for a life-time. The dividing line between these two may appear to be a thin tight rope; on one side of the line there exists a positive sexual relationship and on the other side there exists an abyss of negativity, sorrow, heartbreak and misery. The dividing line may appear to be thin but is an enormous

Sexual Energy Continued…


If men knew the inner power that they possess, they would never again worry about their erection failing or become anxious about their sexual “performance”. Most men want an easy way to solving erection difficulties; they are passive and wish that their penis would do what they want it to without any effort on their part. Sex is a chore to most men and a fantasy to others.  It is a source of great anxiety and worry, a burden that they work hard at avoiding. It becomes a habit to worry about sex and to consider it a duty, a

Evolutionary Ages of Sexual Consciousness in the World: Part 2


Meanwhile in the West, pagan sexual rituals, sexual magic, Graeco-Roman orgies and alchemic sex were also important impulses, counteracting sexual suppression from the establishment. Alchemic sex can be traced to medieval spiritual alchemy, a mystical teaching, important in the development of the Western esoteric tradition. Alchemy itself was of interest to science because of the influence it had in the development of chemistry. Spiritual alchemy followed the principles of laboratory alchemy by fusion, transmuting substances from their original properties to that of a new condition. The secrets of alchemy were kept hidden, occult, and their language deliberately indecipherable. Alchemy was not to be popularised, and in that intention the alchemists succeeded. Spiritual and sexual

Five Important Keys – Key Number 5


Key No. 5 Five Stages of Ejaculation Most couples believe that—after a certain amount of physical stimulation of the penis—a man will inevitably ejaculate. This is typically called the “climax”, which means that his arousal drops dramatically and sex may be over, before it has even really begun. There are, however, five psychosexual stages to the ejaculation cycle. The first stage in the ejaculation cycle is ‘excitement’ or ‘excitation.’ During this initial phase of the cycle the nervous system is intensified and ultra sensitive in the fingertips, tongue, lips, nipples and penis. Men should not attempt penetrative sex when still

Training Sexual Surrogate Partners


Over the past twenty years, I have interviewed well over a hundred women and men who have approached us with their interest in becoming a surrogate partner.  Of those, I have trained forty and twenty of those have qualified as Surrogate Partners within our team. The International Professional Surrogates Association has been conducting training for surrogate partners for over thirty-five years and there are no more than twenty-five IPSA trained surrogate partners currently practising in the entire United States of America.  There are women who claim to be ‘sex surrogates’, particularly on the East coast of the US and an