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Sexual Energy Continued…


If men knew the inner power that they possess, they would never again worry about their erection failing or become anxious about their sexual “performance”. Most men want an easy way to solving erection difficulties; they are passive and wish that their penis would do what they want it to without any effort on their part. Sex is a chore to most men and a fantasy to others.  It is a source of great anxiety and worry, a burden that they work hard at avoiding. It becomes a habit to worry about sex and to consider it a duty, a

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Evolutionary Ages of Sexual Consciousness in the World: Part 2


Meanwhile in the West, pagan sexual rituals, sexual magic, Graeco-Roman orgies and alchemic sex were also important impulses, counteracting sexual suppression from the establishment. Alchemic sex can be traced to medieval spiritual alchemy, a mystical teaching, important in the development of the Western esoteric tradition. Alchemy itself was of interest to science because of the influence it had in the development of chemistry. Spiritual alchemy followed the principles of laboratory alchemy by fusion, transmuting substances from their original properties to that of a new condition. The secrets of alchemy were kept hidden, occult, and their language deliberately indecipherable. Alchemy was not to be popularised, and in that intention the alchemists succeeded. Spiritual and sexual

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Five Important Keys – Key Number 5


Key No. 5 Five Stages of Ejaculation Most couples believe that—after a certain amount of physical stimulation of the penis—a man will inevitably ejaculate. This is typically called the “climax”, which means that his arousal drops dramatically and sex may be over, before it has even really begun. There are, however, five psychosexual stages to the ejaculation cycle. The first stage in the ejaculation cycle is ‘excitement’ or ‘excitation.’ During this initial phase of the cycle the nervous system is intensified and ultra sensitive in the fingertips, tongue, lips, nipples and penis. Men should not attempt penetrative sex when still

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Training Sexual Surrogate Partners


Over the past twenty years, I have interviewed well over a hundred women and men who have approached us with their interest in becoming a surrogate partner.  Of those, I have trained forty and twenty of those have qualified as Surrogate Partners within our team. The International Professional Surrogates Association has been conducting training for surrogate partners for over thirty-five years and there are no more than twenty-five IPSA trained surrogate partners currently practising in the entire United States of America.  There are women who claim to be ‘sex surrogates’, particularly on the East coast of the US and an

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Sexual Energy


There are a number of very significant places along the body where the nervous system has particular intensity of energy, feeling and purpose. These bodily places are known technically as plexi, or plexuses. A plexus is a nerve centre; a type of interconnecting junction for the workings of three channels of nerves. The plexuses are connected to the spine; located in and around the cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal areas. The areas along the front of the body most affected by these plexuses are the larynx, the heart, the stomach, genitals and anus. The intricate nervous system is connected

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Is The Condition Curable?


Treating sexual dysfunctions without healing the causes is like pasting wallpaper over a cracked wall and hoping it will stick.  Treating symptoms by prescribing medications such as viagra or its offspring when the causes remain unhealed may actually make sexual problems worse, depute the attempts from the drug companies to persuade doctors that they are doing the right thing by 'kick-starting' the patient into action! (This is a bit like treating insomnia caused by real anxieties by prescribing sleeping pills without attending to the anxieties). The medical profession has classified premature ejaculation as untreatable. This is because there has not been a

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Five Important Keys Continued…


Key No.3 The Difference Between Arousal & Ejaculation Cycles During sexual stimulation and arousal there are two sexual processes going on within you. One is your arousal cycle and the other is your ejaculation cycle. These two cycles are linked through sexual stimulation but they are not the same; they are two distinct processes. The arousal cycle is the combination of subtle teamwork between your hormones and your mind. The ejaculation cycle is a combination between your nervous system and your mind. The triggers that affect arousal appear to happen on the ‘outside’. The feelings leading up to ejaculation, however,

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Evolutionary Ages of Sexual Consciousness in the World: Part 1


In order to prepare our mind - for the shifts required in understanding Quantum Sex - we must look at the collective, cultural evolution of sexual consciousness because it is into a collective consciousness that we are conditioned sexually. These cultural ideas surrounding sex, I call the ‘Evolutionary Ages of Sex’. Today we are living in a new phase in the continuous evolution of human consciousness and intellect. On one level this is plain to see; in areas of technology, Internet and telecommunications for example. In the field of medical science, we now take for granted the curative treatments, medications and surgical procedures enabling

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Society’s Adolescence


Since the dawning of the ‘little blue pill’ era it has become commonplace for doctors to prescribe the ‘wonder drug’ or one of its fast expanding family for virtually any and all sexual problems that are presented at the general practice.  In some cases this is helpful and appropriate but in many cases is not, and in such cases more harm than good is done in the longer run by re-enforcing a view suspected by the patient that something is physically wrong rather than offering the patient hope that he, or she, has every right to look for and expect

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Five Important Keys


Key No. 1      Your Sexual Relationship is a Gift Sexuality is not something you ‘do’. It expresses an important facet of who you are. Sex is a gift, a vital creative energy. You don’t need to work harder at sex. Open yourself to the ever-present potential of your natural sexuality. You were born with the capability to share mutually pleasurable sexual energy within the context of a consensual relationship. Negative thoughts, emotions, feelings and circumstances impair the natural flow of a good sexuality. Loosen up and allow it to happen. Let go of striving, trying and worrying. Discover

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