How To Eradicate Loneliness Forever


  Millions of people, everywhere across the globe, are affected adversely by a sense of loneliness. It is a problem of pandemic proportions throughout the world today, causing misery, sickness and suicides on a massive scale. Can anything be done to cure loneliness? Are we simply victims of our condition—or do we possess the power to control our circumstances? Maybe you are like many people who are fatalistic, thinking that genes, heredity, environment and social status cause personal circumstances; they believe that these are the reasons for their failures, struggles or disadvantages. On the other hand, observation of the history

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The Life Changing Secret to Never Again Having to Say “How Was That For You”?


Most men and women today believe that the aim of intimate touch is to achieve pleasure in their partner. But this mistaken belief is the seed of all performance anxiety. As a result, many men and women are anxious about sex and intimate relationships. They worry about whether they will be able to please their partner. They wonder if they are ‘doing it right’. Men are insecure about their ability to touch and to make love in such a way that fulfils their partner. “How was it for you?” they ask after love-making, concerned that she may not be satisfied;

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Fear of Intimacy and Pornography


“Pornographic addiction”—or obsessive, excessive use of pornography—is defined as the repeated use of pornographic material until it causes serious negative consequences to one's physical, mental, social, or financial well-being. A large percentage of people, who are attached to porn, experience difficulties in personal relationships; they tend to isolate themselves from friends and even their family. Excessive use of porn may also lead to sexual dysfunctions such as erection problems, premature or inhibited ejaculation. There is now widely read research published online that claims another aspect of pornographic addiction: changes that occur in the brain when one spends a considerable time

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Have you ever experienced an awareness of your body being in one place while your mind is in another?  At such times you will find yourself acting like a sort of spectator at your own event.  This is particularly common amongst men who have performance anxiety. You may be in bed with your partner but your mind is somewhere else completely; somewhere ‘out there’ looking down on yourself. Such men are spectators at the humiliation of themselves.  They witness an agonising spectacle organised by their ‘disobedient penis’; an apparent punishment for simply being born.  Riddled with guilt and engulfed with




When the mind is mentioned, most people automatically think merely of the physical brain.  This is, indeed, a marvellous organ.  Like a ‘super computer’ hard drive, the brain holds more memory than the greatest and most powerful computer on earth.  Its intricacy is beyond the knowledge of the most learned scientists.  It is not, however, the originator of all impressions. The brain is a receiver through which we translate impressions into thoughts, concepts and concrete information; just as a radio or TV set is the receiver of invisible waves, beamed from a source of signals and transformed into intelligible information. 


Sexual Energy Continued…


If men knew the inner power that they possess, they would never again worry about their erection failing or become anxious about their sexual “performance”. Most men want an easy way to solving erection difficulties; they are passive and wish that their penis would do what they want it to without any effort on their part. Sex is a chore to most men and a fantasy to others.  It is a source of great anxiety and worry, a burden that they work hard at avoiding. It becomes a habit to worry about sex and to consider it a duty, a

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Sexual Energy


There are a number of very significant places along the body where the nervous system has particular intensity of energy, feeling and purpose. These bodily places are known technically as plexi, or plexuses. A plexus is a nerve centre; a type of interconnecting junction for the workings of three channels of nerves. The plexuses are connected to the spine; located in and around the cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal areas. The areas along the front of the body most affected by these plexuses are the larynx, the heart, the stomach, genitals and anus. The intricate nervous system is connected

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Soul-ution Key Number Four: Direct Experience of Sexual Discovery Continued…


The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme is a system that can be understood and followed by everyone irrespective of culture, background, occupation, age or social position. It does not require any particular belief; healthy scepticism and the willingness to question everything is helpful. Anyone who follows the step-by-step system and practices the set exercises will begin to develop new senses, producing an inner understanding of life and how they relate to the world. They will become conscious of their thoughts, feelings and choices as they happen. They will gradually become aware of their conditioned thinking and no longer be dominated by

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Soul-ution Key Number Four: Direct Experience of Sexual Discovery


When sex goes wrong, men and women usually seek help to discover how to ‘do’ sex better.  The first thing that they discover is that they have been ‘doing it wrong’ from the start.  They need to let go of their deeply held need to prove their ‘Outside-In’ approach to sex and to discover the power of the ‘Inside-Out’ sexual model. To reach the heights of true sexuality a couple do not need to go faster or harder, but slower and deeper.  ‘Inside-Out Sex’, merging the balanced energies of masculine and feminine leads beyond previous horizons and restores the body

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Soul-ution Key Number Three: Connecting With Masculine And Feminine Energies


Many men secretly hate their penis and are at war with it.  They think that it should perform at all times on demand and that they are being betrayed and let down by it. They come to expect failure and their experience lives up to their expectations – a ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’. Many women are anxious about intimacy and sexual relationships. They worry about whether they are pleasing their partners. They wonder if they are doing it ‘right’... A lot of women are insecure about their ability to make love in such a way that is fulfilling for them and their

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