Restoring Intimacy


By following these blogs, any couple can discover that overcoming performance anxiety or  intimacy problems is easier than you think. It is largely due to the experiences and circumstances of your conditioning that you have become anxious about sexual relationships. You were born with everything you need to enjoy your sexual relationship. You will discover your natural, inbuilt confidence as you read these blogs, and practice the intimacy exercises that I will describe in them. It is like learning to ride a bike or to swim; activities that most of us take for granted but that when you first embark on them

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There are natural laws in this world that apply to everyone without exception. The law of gravity is one example. It doesn’t matter who drops an object from the edge of a table, or throws it into the air, the object will fall to the ground: gravity will ensure that it lands somewhere solid. You may be rich or poor, man or woman, old or young—it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live—gravity will work the same in your life as for any other person. In the same way, there are also universal laws that work irrespective of


Intimacy Isn’t Something You Do


The reason that intimacy has become associated with anxiety or fear is because the word intimacy has become associated with sex as a physical act.  People think that being intimate is something you do.  They say that “he was being intimate with her” when they really mean that a couple were having sexual intercourse or “foreplay”. Intimacy isn’t something you do; it’s not an activity.  Intimacy is a state of being; not doing.  Intimacy is a level of consciousness that requires self-awareness as distinct from thinking or doing.  Intimacy is awareness.  Intimacy is being conscious of feelings that are happening

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Relationship Rescue


  Many couples are anxious about intimacy and sexual relationships.  They worry about whether they are pleasing their partners.  They wonder if they are doing it ‘right’…  A lot of women are insecure about their ability to make love in such a way that is fulfilling for them and their partner.  They are worried about how they look, how they react, and whether they may be rejected etc. etc. Much of this insecurity stems from the false expectations that surround sex in today’s society.  The sexual model in our society is based on achievement and performance rather than on intimacy. 

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Let’s start by getting acquainted. By visiting my website you have already shown yourself to be someone who is searching to understand the deeper mysteries of love and sex. I already know a few things about you. You’re an extraordinary person; highly creative, emotionally and spiritually intelligent. You are deeply sensual; sexually aware and sensitive to the world around, in all its’ splendor.  Your sensitivity gives you a strange, deep and compassionate connection with everything and with all beings; human and in nature. For you, all things are connected in a mysterious and, wonderful way. Paradoxically, you enjoy your own