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What exactly is this powerful cosmic energy?  The word we commonly use to describe it is ‘love’. All cosmic life, including that of human beings, emanates from love yet we have not even begun to research and tap into its endless and inexhaustible supply.  We could also call this universal power, ‘Sex Energy’.  There is nothing alive that was not created and animated by sex energy.

So what can be done to get unstuck and where does this ‘cosmic power’ reside?  Where is the ‘socket’ for the ‘plug’? You may be surprised to hear it, but this most powerful force in the Universe is in YOU.

‘Quantum Sex’ is for those who are ready to journey beyond the normal confines of the mind and emotions; to explore the expansive states of consciousness, love and sex. Quantum Sex can provide the world with a new energy source, solve many of the current unresolved scientific mysteries of life and prove empirically the cosmic purpose of love, intimate relationships and sex.  Through Quantum Sex some couples will even consciously conceive advanced souls who will help raise the collective consciousness of the following generations on Earth. This website is not simply about how to create a better sex life; it is a step-by-step system revealing how Quantum Sex can create a better world.

Awareness of Feelings – Continued

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Soul Feelings There are still further levels of feeling that we may call “soul feelings”. A human being can feel many things that are beyond the normal range of the senses. For example, there are

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Awareness of Feelings

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Sensation Probably the most easily described is that range of feelings which should really be referred to as “sensations”. When you stub your toe against a table leg, the pain you feel is a “sensation”.

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The Subtle Etheric Body

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The soul is “twin-sexed”.  Souls are androgynous, both feminine and masculine. This twin-sexed nature is a perfectly balanced blend of masculine and feminine energy. The embryonic baby in the uterus is both male and female,

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The Body of Feelings

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The human body is an amazing, mysterious structure drawn out of forces from the cosmos over unimaginable periods of space-time. No known feat of engineering could manufacture the elbow or the ankle to the same

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The Sixth Stage of Sexual Development

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The Sixth Stage of Sexual Development is reached when an individual, or a couple, can experience a particular range of orgasmic states at will. This Stage begins with an expansion from genital orgasm to whole-body

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The Quantum Elements: Part 3

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What is the essence, the substance, of the Universe? The answer is warmth. This warmth is not derived directly from the sun; what we experience from the sun is heat. Warmth is not felt when we

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