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What exactly is this powerful cosmic energy?  The word we commonly use to describe it is ‘love’. All cosmic life, including that of human beings, emanates from love yet we have not even begun to research and tap into its endless and inexhaustible supply.  We could also call this universal power, ‘Sex Energy’.  There is nothing alive that was not created and animated by sex energy.

So what can be done to get unstuck and where does this ‘cosmic power’ reside?  Where is the ‘socket’ for the ‘plug’? You may be surprised to hear it, but this most powerful force in the Universe is in YOU.

‘Quantum Sex’ is for those who are ready to journey beyond the normal confines of the mind and emotions; to explore the expansive states of consciousness, love and sex. Quantum Sex can provide the world with a new energy source, solve many of the current unresolved scientific mysteries of life and prove empirically the cosmic purpose of love, intimate relationships and sex.  Through Quantum Sex some couples will even consciously conceive advanced souls who will help raise the collective consciousness of the following generations on Earth. This website is not simply about how to create a better sex life; it is a step-by-step system revealing how Quantum Sex can create a better world.


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What forces and energies lay behind the strange compulsion drawing human beings towards love, sex, and in particular, sexual intercourse? What is it about the physical act of lovemaking that attracts, even obsesses, human beings to

The Energies of Love

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We may well ask ourselves the question: “Where do we start in this quest to harness the energies of love?” A scientific approach to new discovery, based upon empirical methodology, starts with a threefold procedure: identifying the