Properly structured sexual surrogate partner therapy is the most effective cure for fear of intimacy, performance anxiety and complex, chronic sexual problems. Yet despite the effectiveness of surrogate partner therapy, there are only a comparative handful of sexual surrogates scattered throughout the UK, US, Canada, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel and Australia. There are great swathes of the globe where sex therapy is unavailable and surrogate partner therapy is totally unheard of. For example, we know of no surrogate partners in the whole of Central and South America, a vast population of over 588 million people.

Surrogate partner therapy requires a partnership of extraordinary honesty and courage and I am privileged to have been part of this with nearly fifteen hundred men and women over the past twenty years. Sadly, we have not experienced a similar sense of courage streaming from the ranks of the traditional therapeutic establishment. The majority of therapists, still unaware and uneducated in this modality, find themselves unwilling to refer clients directly; yet our case studies contain important therapeutic data that cannot be obtained through any other modality. Experience tells us, that despite being the only centre of this kind in Europe, those who need surrogate partner therapy have to find it themselves. But find us, clients have continued to do—from all over the world. Over the past twenty years, men suffering from fear of intimacy, performance anxiety and sexual dysfunctions have beaten a path to our door from all over the UK, Europe, US, Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan and New Zealand.

There are only a handful of people on this planet who can rightly be considered as authorities qualified to explode the myths and explain this therapeutic method. Should those few—those who have gained their expertise from consistent first hand experience in the work—die before Surrogate Partner Therapy is properly understood by the present generation, this approach to sexual transformation could die with them. I am one of those few.

This blog explodes the myths, explores the mysteries and explains Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy.

The Conception of ICASA

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Over the previous five years, our programme had helped well over two hundred people, most of whom could not have been as effectively helped by any other treatment method. Yet we were—and still are for

Origins in the UK

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The sole exponent of surrogate partner therapy in the UK in the 1970s was Dr. Martin Cole. Unkown to us, when Jane and I started our work in the UK it coincided with the stage