There are still further levels of feeling that we may call “soul feelings”. A human being can feel many things that are beyond the normal range of the senses. For example, there are feelings that can be evoked by words, relational situations, art, poetry and music. To access soul feelings, one must be open to life at a level of awareness that is not instinctive or part of everyday consciousness.

Some people may be happier using the term “sub-conscious” feelings, but I would suggest that “soul” feeling is more accurate. The feelings experienced when one goes beyond the ordinary state of waking or rational consciousness may include sensations, emotions and body feelings but not necessarily the awareness of soul feelings. While ordinary subconscious body feelings may access the experience of feelings such as anxiety, fear, excitement, anticipation, sexual arousal and so forth, there is this deeper level of feeling that can only be accessed by the “higher” soul, or “the higher self”. Naturally, the term “higher” does not literally mean “above” or even “superior” because the human being is not actually divided in such ways as above, below, better, worse, good, bad, etc. The human being is a wonderful fusion of unity rather than a segregated number of parts; we are whole, not split or divided. Therefore, the term “higher” self implies the knowledge of our-self that is more highly developed in wisdom, love and life experience; matured – like a fine wine compared to a young, cheap wine. The “higher” soul, or self, may therefore be described for easy reference as the more experienced, mature, wise, loving self. In order to make any sense of this description, we must state here one of the First Principles of life from which all further understanding can then develop.

The primary organ that can experience “soul feelings” is the heart, the centre that is located in the middle of the chest, behind all physical organs and skeletal structures. The heart centre is the “door” that opens up a world of spaciousness and beauty which is inaccessible to the ordinary physical organs of the body, yet also able to operate as the body’s antenna during our every-day consciousness.