Attraction and Desire


It is commonly thought that attraction is created through particular physical attributes that appeal visually by way of physical form, figure, hairstyle or other such features. While physical features may play a part in the process of sexual attraction they are not the real magnetic forces that produce attraction and desire of sustainable magnitude sufficient to endure the processes of time. What really constitutes sexual attraction and desire is the energy that emanates from a person. I am sure that most men and women will have learnt by experience of everyday life that even the most physically perfect person may

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How To Stop Sex Being Over . . . Before It Has Hardly Begun!


It may surprise you to know that millions of men ejaculate between thirty seconds and two minutes after beginning sexual intercourse! Many even experience ejaculation before penetration has been achieved! No wonder, then, that millions of women complain about their sex-life being disappointing and unsatisfying. Did you know that premature ejaculation is the most common of all male sexual problems? What is not so clear, or agreed, is the definition of the condition: “What is premature?” Is premature ejaculation defined by the time between penetration and ejaculation? Or should other criteria be used to define the condition? Some therapists use

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“I Just Can’t Get It Out Of My Head . . . That I Won’t Get An Erection” . . .


“I just can’t perform” . . . “It didn’t work” . . . “It disappears as soon as I put a condom on” . . . “It just goes away” . . . “I dread meeting someone who might want to go to bed with me” . . . “It’s all I can think about” . . . These are thoughts that dominate the minds of millions of men who suffer from erection problems, or “erectile dysfunction.” Not so long ago, it was generally thought that a man’s sex life would terminate naturally after a certain age. If a patient

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The Agony and Shame of a Midlife Virgin


“I’m thirty five and I still haven’t lost my virginity. Don’t tell me that I haven’t met the right woman or that it’ll happen for me one day, because I’ve given up hope. The problem is that I’m really shy, not much use with women and I never pull. At least I’ve accepted the fact. The thing is I really want to get laid … I’m so depressed about it. It feels like I’m on the wrong side of a huge mountain and all the women in the world are on the other side.” You will never meet an “adult

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No More Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is when a man consistently ejaculates involuntarily.  Ejaculation should be the result of a conscious decision. There is no ‘normal’ time sexual intercourse should take but the normal expectation should be that on most occasions, a man ejaculates when he chooses to do so.  This should, of course, be at a time when his partner is ready for him to ejaculate. In order to teach men ejaculatory control, traditional sexual therapy routinely emphasises the practice of external techniques such as the "Squeeze Technique", made famous by Masters and Johnson in the 1960's. While this and other rather outdated

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The Beauty and the Mystery of the Genitals


Have you ever considered your genitals to be beautiful?  Then again, can you look at your partner’s genitals and see beauty in much the same way as you might see beauty when you look in their eyes? Were you taught that genitals were ‘dirty’?  Were you told not to touch your genitals because it is ‘disgusting’? By opening yourself to the beauty of genitals, you can integrate your whole body, mind and soul rather than segregating yourself into separate and divided entities called ‘sexual parts’ and ‘non-sexual parts’. We all have body feelings originating from memories ‘stored’ in the genitals. 

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Fifth Stage of Sexual Development – Metaphysical


The first four Stages of Sexual Development that have so far been described in these blogs use energy from the physical body for fuel, culminating in an explosive release of energies into the environment. They are necessary, to feed nature. Innocent Sex has very little energetic substance, being mostly passive. In some cases, however, it can release significant quantities of dense energy that sustains states such as anxiety and fear. Instinctual Sex sustains animal life, Primal Sex feeds vegetation and Power Sex feeds the world’s ego. The fifth stage, Metaphysical Sex, feeds the soul and also feeds relationships. This stage is inaccessible to those stuck in Outside-In, or Simple

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Fourth Stage of Sexual Development – Power


If an individual is in this stage of sex, especially within a relationship, they will experience a power struggle, felt not just in sex but also throughout all other aspects of life. If attempts to overcome the lack of self-control at the primal stage of sex have been unsuccessful, one or other partners will attempt to establish external control. This strategy does not work, real control is found within. For people living at this level, situations and circumstances keep repeating. Destructive relationships, financial difficulties and sexual problems won’t go away. They keep showing up irrespective of location or relationship partner. Imagine what it must

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Third Stage of Sexual Development – Primal


This level of sex provides an opportunity to evolve to Simple Sex. Relationships are usually the catalyst for this first metamorphosis. Unfortunately, not everyone makes this transition, even through a relationship of love. When one partner is still attached to Outside-In Sex while the other is ready for Simple Sex, there is fertile ground for deep conflict and potential schism. It can be puzzling for a couple to discover deep conflicts and strife emerging within their relationship when everything on the surface appears to be compatible. The differences between Outside-In and Simple Sex, however, exist at the unseen levels of consciousness and energy. The goal

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Five Stages of Sexual Development


First Stage of Sexual Development: Innocence It would be naive and inaccurate to say that the human being is asexual when he or she is born as a baby. Of course, that is what we like to think as we look at the little innocent laying in the cradle, yet sexual development starts immediately. The newly born begins to sense the essential distinctions of the feminine and masculine energies of parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends. Through the senses of touch, hearing, taste, smell, and sight, the baby experiences the pleasurable–and not so pleasurable–aspects of these other life energies. Discovering life energies through the

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