A Journey Into Love


To know more about lovemaking, we must get to know more about love. What is love? Where does love actually come from? Does it harm or heal? Can it be defined or understood? Why do we long for it so much and can this longing ever be satisfied? How and where do we find love? Why does it appear to hide from us? How do we know when we have found love? Can love be lost once it has been found, or is it indestructible? Then what is lovemaking? What is this strange obsession that unites us all? What is

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Ecstatic Feeling


From time to time, an intimate couple will experience bliss, sometimes referred to as ecstasy. At such times it feels as though the couple, or sometimes it may be one or other partner, is lifted onto a higher plane of consciousness and experiences a sort of “out of body” experience, yet the feelings are felt through the medium of the body. At such times of bliss, the mind is the sexual organ and yet the couple may be engaged fully in physical lovemaking. It is possible, however, for such feelings of ecstasy to be experienced during deep and passionate kissing

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Psychic Feelings


Sometimes referred to as clairsentience, the psyche can experience tangible feelings, often ignored or misused, but vital within relationships if the depth of feeling between partners is to include a connection at the level of the mind. When a couple have made this “mind connection” they never again need ask each other the dreaded question “how was that for you?”   Each will know the state of mind of the other during intimate lovemaking. It is sometimes believed in therapeutic and spiritual schools of thought that the mind gets in the way of feelings; this is only partially true. Distracting and

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Soul Feelings


There are still further levels of feeling that we may call “soul feelings”. A human being can feel many things that are beyond the normal range of the senses. For example, there are feelings that can be evoked by words, relational situations, art, poetry and music. To access soul feelings, one must be open to life at a level of awareness that is not instinctive or part of everyday consciousness. Some people may be happier using the term “sub-conscious” feelings, but I would suggest that “soul” feeling is more accurate. The feelings experienced when one goes beyond the ordinary state

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Awareness of Feelings


Sensation Probably the most easily described is that range of feelings which should really be referred to as “sensations”. When you stub your toe against a table leg, the pain you feel is a “sensation”. When you feel a feather, that experience you are having is a “sensation”. When you caress your lover you are enjoying the “sensation”; just as you are enjoying the “sensation” when you are being touched by a lover, or indeed by a friend, parent or stranger. The handshake from a stranger is a sensation just as is the peck on the cheek from a family

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The Subtle Etheric Body


The soul is “twin-sexed”.  Souls are androgynous, both feminine and masculine. This twin-sexed nature is a perfectly balanced blend of masculine and feminine energy. The embryonic baby in the uterus is both male and female, sharing sexual organs that will become either male or female at a particular stage in the womb. Its gender destiny is determined at a level of organisation, intelligence and existence higher than that understood by even the most advanced medical science; by the effect of chromosomes on the physical body. Chromosomes are thread-like structures emanating from the chromosphere – a reddish, gaseous realm that lies

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The Body of Feelings


The human body is an amazing, mysterious structure drawn out of forces from the cosmos over unimaginable periods of space-time. No known feat of engineering could manufacture the elbow or the ankle to the same degree of perfection as human bone structure. No textile, however fine and precious, could replicate human skin. No computer expert could build a machine to replace or even rival the human head. No jewel, crystal or precious stone could usurp the human eye.  Consider the ears, tongue and the vocal chords. The human digestive and reproductive systems are staggering in their complexity and mystery. Everything

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The Sixth Stage of Sexual Development


The Sixth Stage of Sexual Development is reached when an individual, or a couple, can experience a particular range of orgasmic states at will. This Stage begins with an expansion from genital orgasm to whole-body orgasm, and is available to both men and women.   In men, it is orgasm beyond ejaculation.  In women, it is orgasms beyond the clitoris.  It is an aspect of life-force control, attained and enjoyed by certain individuals and couples who are able to develop a relationship that includes intimacy and sexuality at a sufficiently open and truthful level of consciousness. Experienced authentically, the sixth

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The Quantum Elements: Part 3


What is the essence, the substance, of the Universe? The answer is warmth. This warmth is not derived directly from the sun; what we experience from the sun is heat. Warmth is not felt when we sit in front of a fire; that, too, is heat. The essence of life—warmth—is that which the sun receives and radiates throughout the solar system. It emanates from the Source of All: behind the sun. It is this essence that animates our bodies and our minds. It is the first element of life that is welcomed in the new-born baby and the one most missed by

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Why Everybody Should Have a Quantum Sex Life


  Everybody needs to have a good sex life. The ancients in the Orient attributed the Way to good health and longevity of life to be through an active sex life. Artists, poets, writers, musicians, inventors—all creative people—have an active sexual appetite. Why? Because what we call sex energy is the Universal Creative Force; ultimately, it is so creative that it can even produce a physical body that contains human life. Whenever sexual energy is aroused there is a surge of Creative Energy, which, in the right conditions, can be harnessed and used for extraordinary purposes—personal health, vitality, happiness, and

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