The Quantum Elements: Part 2


To understand the second principle, we must even dispense with the concept of a self-existing Universe. Our galaxy, of which our solar system occupies the spatial equivalent of a cupboard under the stairs in a vast country mansion, is now known by astronomers to be like an infinitesimal sphere within hundreds of billions of galaxies, clusters and super-clusters of galaxies within an infinite Universe. As we explore ever deeper, beyond our immediate neighbourhood in space, dimensions change and our perceptions change along with them. Time dissolves into infinity. We lose the linear relativity consciousness that goes along with our three dimensional vision. Everything we cherish as real dissipates

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The Quantum Elements


‘The Spirit was indivisible, existing alone in the home of infinity Even as thus, the One became two: spirit and nature, man and woman, positive and negative, peacock and peahen, the jewel of male and female.                                                                                                                         Paramahansa Yogananda   There are

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Evolutionary Ages of Sexual Consciousness in the World: Part 2


Meanwhile in the West, pagan sexual rituals, sexual magic, Graeco-Roman orgies and alchemic sex were also important impulses, counteracting sexual suppression from the establishment. Alchemic sex can be traced to medieval spiritual alchemy, a mystical teaching, important in the development of the Western esoteric tradition. Alchemy itself was of interest to science because of the influence it had in the development of chemistry. Spiritual alchemy followed the principles of laboratory alchemy by fusion, transmuting substances from their original properties to that of a new condition. The secrets of alchemy were kept hidden, occult, and their language deliberately indecipherable. Alchemy was not to be popularised, and in that intention the alchemists succeeded. Spiritual and sexual

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Evolutionary Ages of Sexual Consciousness in the World: Part 1


In order to prepare our mind - for the shifts required in understanding Quantum Sex - we must look at the collective, cultural evolution of sexual consciousness because it is into a collective consciousness that we are conditioned sexually. These cultural ideas surrounding sex, I call the ‘Evolutionary Ages of Sex’. Today we are living in a new phase in the continuous evolution of human consciousness and intellect. On one level this is plain to see; in areas of technology, Internet and telecommunications for example. In the field of medical science, we now take for granted the curative treatments, medications and surgical procedures enabling

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The Fifth Type of Sex


We enter the Fifth Type of Sex through a gateway leading to an intimate relationship with the cosmos. It is spread beyond us, waiting to be explored like the beloved surrendering to a lover. This gateway is our soul, our psyche. It opens before us, waiting and wanting to be undressed; revealing reality, truth and beauty. Nothing now exists alone, separated by time or distance. Nothing on the surface appears to change, except that as you shift one to the other, your entire world changes. Quantum Sex is a fusion, not just of two people and two bodies. It is not simply a fusion

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The Fourth Type of Sex


The fourth type of sex is Metaphysical.  The word metaphysical is derived from meta which denotes something of a higher order, a change of condition. Metaphysical sex takes us beyond the physical body and describes sex of a higher order.  It is sex beyond the ego. It has been called ‘Tantric’ in the East and ‘Energy Sex’ or ‘Karezza’ in the West. This stage is inaccessible to those stuck in Outside-In Sex or attached to Simple Sex. It will forever remain elusive to them, trapped as they are to a purely illusionary sexual experience. This stage is for those who are preparing,

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The Third Type of Sex


The Third Type of Sex is the least written about or known. It is somewhat hidden from sight, and from ordinary knowledge. Inside-Out Sex is a paradigm of sex that heals; it is restorative and beneficial to individuals, relationships and society. I have worked with this model of sex for over twenty years in my professional sexual healing practice. Over those years, we have treated almost fifteen hundred men, women and couples who have suffered from sexual anxieties, dysfunctions, insecurities, addictions and fears. Inside-Out Sex is never the same twice, forever deepening. With sexual experience transformed, relationships improve; even those in crisis becoming indestructible. With fear of intimacy healed,

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Types of Sex


Ultimately, there are seven Types of Sex - with seven degrees of attainment - making forty-nine Sex Types in all. Of these, only six Types of Sex, with seven degrees of attainment - forty-two Sex Types - have been attainable at this current stage of the evolution of human consciousness. We are now entering an era of sexual conscious when the seventh Type of Sex, Quantum Sex, may be experienced by those who are prepared.  Traditional religions have recognised only two types of sex; either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, dependent upon whether one is married or not. The medical profession and even some therapists

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What forces and energies lay behind the strange compulsion drawing human beings towards love, sex, and in particular, sexual intercourse? What is it about the physical act of lovemaking that attracts, even obsesses, human beings to the extent that they will sacrifice everything - in some cases even their sanity - to experience it even for a few fleeting moments?  Of course, there is much more to this act of physical union between human beings than the transient pleasure experienced through the act itself. I have spent over forty-five years of my life on the spiritual path and the past twenty-one years as a


The Energies of Love


We may well ask ourselves the question: “Where do we start in this quest to harness the energies of love?” A scientific approach to new discovery, based upon empirical methodology, starts with a threefold procedure: identifying the problem, creating a hypothesis and having an experimental method for proving, or disproving that hypothesis. Through the experimental method, important discoveries such as radiation have been developed in the same way as our ancestors first discovered fire. As another example, Benjamin Franklin - the ‘Master of Electricity’ – is said to have connected lightening and electricity by flying a kite in a thunderstorm. Whilst realising that my particular

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