Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy in the UK


David Brown, Founder of ICASA, explains how Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy in the UK helps men and women to overcome fear of intimacy and sexual problems.

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ICASA Mentor Training


ICASA Mentors are motivated by their desire to share their knowledge; compassionate, and possess the attributes of a good 'guide'. Our mentors are committed to guiding and empowering clients to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes through the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme.  At The Centre for ICASA the Mentor is responsible to the Principal of ICASA.   The role of an ICASA Mentor is to: Guide the client through the steps of the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme in such a way that the client feels safe and understands the principles, purpose and boundaries of each step of the

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ICASA Surrogate Partner Training: Course Information


Initial Training and Internship Programme Training to become an accredited Surrogate Partner Therapist is a one-year programme. The Initial Induction Training Course is conducted over the first four-month period or through sixteen days of training arranged by mutual agreement.  The curriculum is made up of a combination of learning, self-development and experiential practices through training workshops. Successful attendance, suitability and aptitude over a period of training is followed by an invitation to embark on an internship of six or twelve months at The Centre for ICASA in Bedfordshire, England during which the intern works as a trainee Surrogate Partner on

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Surrogate Partner Training


The ICASA training programme employs a combination of teaching, experiential exercises, group discussions and direct feedback in order to maximise trainee learning and growth. Participants are guided through a series of structured relaxation, communication, sensual and sexual awareness exercises, integrated with experiences that enhance trainee self-awareness and capacity for intimacy. Trainers provide individual feedback and advice for every trainee throughout the training programme. The experiential aspects of surrogate partner training are modelled on the practices of The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme and aim to develop knowledge, awareness, skills and attitude necessary for effective surrogate partner work. Experiential learning also generates

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Surrogate Partner Therapy


In appropriate cases, Surrogate Partner Therapy is incorporated within the context of the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. This works by restoring the body’s natural sexual responses through a non-demand sexual environment and giving the client instruction, support and effective sexual training techniques which eliminate pressure and restore sexual confidence. Since being established in 1994 the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has helped over a thousand people to gain control of their sexual responses and lead a full, satisfying sex life.  High efficacy rates have been made possible through the resources of a skilled and highly sensitive team that includes ICASA

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ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme


The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme offers men, women and couples powerful, practical and effective tools within a gently evolving programme that helps to transform unhelpful early conditioning and develop a new relationship with oneself and others. It is a structured professional, therapeutic programme involving a partnership of considerable commitment, honesty and courage between client, therapist and (where appropriate) Surrogate Partner. The programme provides the opportunity to establish and maintain truly fulfilling intimate and sexual relationships and a peaceful, loving relationship with oneself. While fear of intimacy may result from background factors and early life conditioning, the solution and a permanent

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Training and ICASA


ICASA offers experiential and educational courses of training in becoming a certified professional ICASA Sexual Surrogate Partner, Mentor or Therapist. It is also an ideal complementary training for counsellors and therapists who wish to better understand Surrogate Partner Therapy. The Centre for ICASA opened in the UK in 1994. The founders, David and Jane Brown, had returned to England after a number of years in a U.S. medical facility specialising in the treatment of male impotency and other related sexual dysfunctions. David and Jane trained and managed a team of counsellors and studied and used the methods of Masters and

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Love, Dependency and Authenticity


Reality and Fantasy It is amazing how many people, in this case both men and women in equal numbers, hold an image in their mind of lovemaking being an experience that should always happen spontaneously.  Just like the Hollywood movies, the lovers gaze at each other, music starts to play; fires within are ignited, clothes are ripped off and lovemaking occurs automatically.  Nobody speaks a word; only music and beautiful camera angles.  Afterwards, the two are inevitably in love and will live together happily ever after.  “Real life” is rarely like that. At the beginning of surrogate partner therapy, the

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Enter The Goddess – Sexual Surrogate Partners


  A surrogate partner is neither prostitute nor princess; She is neither maiden nor crone; She is not defined by age, appearance or by conventional social morality. She is a Woman of The Light; a sexual healer. A surrogate partner gives herself to others for their healing and happiness; She proves them to be whole. Like a child who has learned to walk, he overcomes his fears, and then disappears; She is forgotten, though forever remembered. A surrogate partner loves others as an aspect of the Beloved; She is defined by whom she is within. She cries, laughs, loves and

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