Electricity and magnetism are amazing universal forces that sustain not only this planet but the entire solar system. This combination of electromagnetic forces is evident all around us and available to us every moment of our life. One only has to think of the everyday tasks that we perform in the home, office or factory to realise how much we depend upon electricity and magnetism. Yet neither of these great forces originates in the instrument that organises them.  In other words, electricity does not originate in the electrical plug, the light switch or the television set and magnetism does not originate in the fridge magnet or a child’s toy.

Radios, televisions and mobile telephones are receivers and transmitters of invisible waves vibrating at various frequencies throughout space. A light bulb provides illumination to a room through it being a conduit of electricity. A fridge magnet or a child’s toy is an object of magnetic attraction; not the source of the magnetic force itself. In a similar manner, our physical human body is a receiver and transmitter of unseen energy. The energy that animates and sustains the human body is known as life energy, or ‘life force’.  Just like electricity this life energy is also intrinsically connected to the laws of magnetism.

Magnetic objects within a magnetic field either attract or repel.  When two magnets or magnetic objects are close to each other, there is a force that attracts opposite poles together.  This is the force of magnetic attraction.  When two magnetic objects have the same poles facing each other, magnetism pushes them apart: the force of magnetic repulsion.

Culturally and socially, attraction generally means alluring; repulsion generally means distaste.  In physics, attraction means the force that draws bodies or their particles to each other while repulsion means a force that holds off, or repels.  As an electrical charge, the positive produces the electrical charge while the negative regulates, moderates or negates the charge.

Human beings are what are called ‘soft’ or ‘impermanent’ magnets within the magnetic field. Individually, a human being produces a magnetic field and responds to the magnetic field produced by another human magnet. In human energetic terms, the positive pole is known as masculine and the negative as feminine. The masculine charges energy, the feminine moderates energy. The result is harmony and balance: magnetism.

In intimacy, as in the Laws of Magnetism, two similar poles are imbalanced and will produce repulsion; pushing away, or negation. Simply put, if both partners are expressing feminine energy there may be a level of intimate connection but comparatively low level of sexual charge.  On the other hand, if both partners are expressing only their masculine energy there will be high levels of sweat, aggression and physicality but low levels of intimacy. The result of such combination of like-poles will rarely be true magnetism or attraction. Conversely, the dance of two poles of energy combining and alternating produces high levels of both intimacy and sexual charge. The result will usually be magnetic and attractive.

Personal magnetism and attraction can be strengthened consciously. The first step is to gain a greater awareness of the factors that negate or repel other human magnets.  The second step is to learn what attracts and magnetises them.
A magnet cannot attract stone; even dirt on a magnet will weaken the strength of the magnetic attraction. By removing the sources that disrupt your personal magnetism, you will discover that your natural attraction is automatically strengthened. It will seem like a miracle to you while, in fact, you are simply connecting more fully to one of the wonderful forces of the universe.

The eyes, lips and tongue, hands and genitals have enormous magnetic qualities.

It is not how articulate a person is that repels or attracts; it is how open you are in saying what you are thinking. There is a particular magnetic resonance when mind and speech are synchronised.  Muttering repels; open, honest and audible conversation attracts. Knowing what you want and asking for it seldom brings rejection while being overly subservient is not attractive. False humility repels, as does brash arrogance or haughty pride. Truthful speech is attractive.

The eyes are the light of the body; they also reflect the light of the energy within the body. Dull eyes that hide from others repel. Anger can be seen in the eyes of an angry person; it repels. Jealousy, envy, resentment can all be revealed through the eyes; all of these emotions repel.

Conversely, eyes can ‘smile’. Tears of love or joy from compassionate eyes are very attractive. Clear eyes that connect with others are attractive. Eyes say “Hello”, even to a stranger. All people who have established love relationships have found magnetic attraction through the eyes. Practising eye gazing together can strengthen your personal magnetism. If you find this difficult to do with your partner at first, eye gaze with your own image in the mirror.