A surrogate partner is neither prostitute nor princess;
She is neither maiden nor crone;
She is not defined by age, appearance or by conventional social morality.
She is a Woman of The Light; a sexual healer.
A surrogate partner gives herself to others for their healing and happiness;
She proves them to be whole.
Like a child who has learned to walk, he overcomes his fears, and then disappears;
She is forgotten, though forever remembered.
A surrogate partner loves others as an aspect of the Beloved;
She is defined by whom she is within.
She cries, laughs, loves and makes love like millions before and to follow;
Yet she is the only one; special and unique.

Author, David Brown

She is a blend of ordinary woman and extraordinary spirit.  She sees her happiness in helping others to find theirs.  She is at ease with her spirituality and her sexuality.  She has an abounding sense of humour while also able to weep with those who weep.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously and yet she honours herself and can see the Goddess within.  She is practical and spiritual.  She is sexually adventurous and at the same time exudes a type of purity.  She is both abandoned and reserved.  She is a healer – yet sees herself simply as a woman.

I Am Unconditional Love
I am committed to you before I even meet you.  I am committed to your sexual happiness and to helping you find that happiness for yourself.  There is no possibility that I might reject you, or that I would judge you.  You are not here to prove yourself to me.  You are already sufficient in yourself; I can help you see that for yourself.  I am patient and I will try always to be kind.  My intent is to be here for you and not to fail you in this.

I Am Authentic
I will be honest and truthful with you.  I will never tell you simply what you might want to hear; I will always tell you the truth because the truth will set you free.  But I will always hold the truth in love and speak to you with compassion and tenderness.  With me, you are free to laugh and to cry.  You are free to express your feelings, whatever they may be and in whatever form they come.

I Am Polyamorous
I see sexuality as a precious gift from the Divine Source of Love.  It heals and assures us that we are alive.  I do not simply make love with my body, but with my soul.  I am neither monogamous nor promiscuous.  I can be in more than one relationship in my life and yet every relationship will be authentic and as though it is exclusive.  I see love as who I am rather than something that I do.  I am neither jealous nor rude.

I Am an Ordinary Woman
I have feelings.  I cry and I laugh.  I can be hurt like any other woman.  I have suffered in my life and I know happiness.  I understand what it is to feel sorrow and to be lonely.  I also know the ecstasy that comes from being truly intimate with another.  I can laugh at myself and I can laugh in the face of fear.  I can smile with loving acceptance in the midst of sorrow.  I have a relationship of acceptance with my body and I honour it as the body that I have been given to live this life within.  Sometimes, I feel insecure about my body and would like to have another.  Just like any woman.

I Am a Goddess Within
I don’t feel like a Goddess nor do I always look like a Goddess when I look at myself in the mirror.  But when I look with eyes that go beyond judgement I see the God in you.  So when I look beyond my own weakness and failure, I am able to see the Goddess within me.  I am feminine.  In essence, you and I are an aspect of Divine Love expressed through the Divine Beloved.  Let us dance together.

I Am Every Woman
I am every woman you have ever met.  I am every woman you will ever meet.  I am Woman.  I may not be the type of face or body that you would naturally choose for a life partner.  I may not meet with your parent’s approval.  I may not be the woman of your dreams or your fantasies.  I may not be the image that you have as you read this in this moment.  I am a Woman; a Mother; a Child; a Lover.  I am every woman you have ever met or will ever meet.