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Jealousy is one of the strongest and most destructive, yet perhaps the least understood, of human emotions. Jealousy causes the breakdown of relationships and is one of the secret causes of divorce and even domestic violence in the UK and throughout the Western World. Those that know the physical, emotional and mental pain of jealousy are left feeling controlled, trapped and powerless in its grip.


Can we free ourselves from the recurring cycle of jealousy?

When jealousy taps on your shoulder do you know how to answer its taunting whisper?

Can anything positive arise from experiencing jealousy?

Is it possible to master jealousy?

Take control of jealousy and finally break free from it!



This event is particularly suitable for those who:

  • Suffer from the pain and anguish of jealousy
  • Experience recurring destructive relationships due to effects of your jealousy or that of your partner
  • Feel trapped in a relationship where jealousy causes pain, suffering and emotional distress
  • Want to understand why people suffer with jealousy


At this talk you will learn:

  • Six Types of Jealousy
  • Four Centres of the Psyche
  • Spiritual Dimension of Jealousy
  • Emotional Dimension of Jealousy
  • Physical Dimension of Jealousy
  • Mental Dimension of Jealousy
  • Difference of Thoughts and Feelings
  • Difference Between Jealousy and Betrayal
  • Role of Love and Sex in Jealousy
  • Two Sisters: Jealousy and Passion
  • Three Cousins: Jealousy, Fear and Shame
  • Law of Transmutation of Energy
  • Metaphysical Model for Transforming Jealousy


To purchase tickets to this event please click HERE

Early Bird Tickets available until 31st December – £25

General Admission Tickets from 1st January 2018 – £30

For further information please email us at enquiries@icasa.co.uk or call 01525 862068

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