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Fear of intimacy and sexual anxieties are epidemic and growing problems in our society; they often lie at the heart of many common conditions such as relationship breakdowns, sexual dysfunctions, depression, anxiety, addictions, obsessions and suicidal tendencies.

The Centre for ICASA in the UK has twenty-five years continuous experience in treating fear of intimacy and its related conditions through the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme.

David and Lucia Brown of The Centre for ICASA in collaboration with Peter and Caragh Thompson of The Well Centre in East Cork, present a one-day CPD workshop on the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. This workshop is particularly suitable for professionals involved in psychotherapeutic, medical, psychological and counselling practices.


At this workshop, you will learn and discover:

  • A dynamic, practical and experiential approach to recovery from sexual trauma
  • How to help couples & individuals transform their intimate relationships
  • Intimacy as a transforming power
  • Dealing with, and overcoming, sexual dysfunctions
  • Consciously creating trust and safety
  • Understanding the energy body and centres of the psyche
  • The balance of masculine and feminine principles


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In Collaboration

The Well Centre & The Centre for ICASA

www.wellcentre.ie     www.icasa.co.uk

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