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The Transforming Power of Intimacy

carrigtwohill The Well Centre, Carrigtwohill

Fear of intimacy and sexual anxieties are epidemic and growing problems in our society; they often lie at the heart of many common conditions such as relationship breakdowns, sexual dysfunctions, depression, anxiety, addictions, obsessions and suicidal tendencies. The Centre for ICASA in the UK has twenty-five years continuous experience in treating fear of intimacy and its related conditions through the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. David and Lucia Brown of The Centre for ICASA in collaboration with Peter and Caragh Thompson of The Well Centre in East Cork, present a one-day CPD workshop on the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. This workshop is


How To Master Jealousy

WC1B 4JP CIEE Global Institute - Kew Gardens Room. 46 - 47 Russell Square, London

Jealousy is one of the strongest and most destructive, yet perhaps the least understood, of human emotions. Jealousy causes the breakdown of relationships and is one of the secret causes of divorce and even domestic violence in the UK and throughout the Western World. Those that know the physical, emotional and mental pain of jealousy are left feeling controlled, trapped and powerless in its grip.   Can we free ourselves from the recurring cycle of jealousy? When jealousy taps on your shoulder do you know how to answer its taunting whisper? Can anything positive arise from experiencing jealousy? Is it


Sexual Self-Development Course

The Centre for ICASA Bedfordshire

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