In order to prepare our mind – for the shifts required in understanding Quantum Sex – we must look at the collective, cultural evolution of sexual consciousness because it is into a collective consciousness that we are conditioned sexually. These cultural ideas surrounding sex, I call the ‘Evolutionary Ages of Sex’.

Today we are living in a new phase in the continuous evolution of human consciousness and intellect. On one level this is plain to see; in areas of technology, Internet and telecommunications for example. In the field of medical science, we now take for granted the curative treatments, medications and surgical procedures enabling life to extend far beyond that expected ten or twenty years ago. We can now travel across our planet in luxury and both men and women have travelled into space, visiting our nearest planetary neighbours.

As part of this evolutionary process, we are witnessing the crumbling of institutions that have stood as bastions in their respective domain for centuries. New values, structures and relationships in the media, business and international affairs are emerging from the ruins of the old organisations and a new spirituality is arising from the ashes of the old, traditional religions. We are not waiting for a new age to begin. It has already started.

But what signs of progress are we seeing in the evolution of sexual consciousness? Is there a crumbling of the abusive aspects of the pornographic industry? Do we see demise in the exploitative aspects of the fashion and modeling industries? Is new meaning and purpose arising from the ashes of the bastions of Outside-In and Simple Sex? On the surface, the answer to these questions must be ‘no’, but when we examine sex at a deeper, hidden level the answer is very different.

The old idea of sex being for the purpose of procreation only, has now been superseded in the West. The sex-for-procreation-only theory was created, enforced and maintained by the established Church from the fifth century until the twentieth. Prior to that time, sex was at the instinctive stage. Laws to regulate sex, established through Moses were essential to restrict widespread disease. Those laws dating from three thousand years before the current era, forbade incest, bestiality and other instinctual sexual practices that had caused widespread diseases that ravaged the population in ancient Egypt. Before that sex was prehistoric, and as such, the stage of sexual innocence.

In contradistinction to the suppressive rules regulating sex in the West, based on a dualistic philosophy, the kamasutras developed the idea that sex was neither good nor bad in itself, but to be practised to perfection. Instructive rules and techniques regarding social and sexual behaviour formed ‘sixty-four arts’, guiding the student to perfect kama, or desire, rather than to supress it. Later, building upon the same philosophy of non-dual idealism, Tantric sutras taught initiates how to attain liberation from the cycle of life through sexual practices. Tantrikas and Taoists in India, Tibet and China during the fifth to eighth centuries were ascetics who forsook normal life and devoted themselves to self-realisation through elaborate tantric sexual rites instructed by renunciant gurus. Their sex secrets were guarded and hidden from the general populace and passed down through successive generations by oral teaching.

The repressive Western mind-set, at the level of religious authority, led to repression and guilt that is still prevalent at the subliminal level today. Several epochs later – having led the population through generations of sexual ignorance – patriarchal religious teachings based on literalism fuelled an inevitable era of so-called “sexual freedom” in the twentieth century, notably the 1960’s and 70’s. That era in turn, fuelled pornography. We now live in the Pornographic Age.