The first four Stages of Sexual Development that have so far been described in these blogs use energy from the physical body for fuel, culminating in an explosive release of energies into the environment. They are necessary, to feed nature. Innocent Sex has very little energetic substance, being mostly passive. In some cases, however, it can release significant quantities of dense energy that sustains states such as anxiety and fear. Instinctual Sex sustains animal life, Primal Sex feeds vegetation and Power Sex feeds the world’s ego. The fifth stage, Metaphysical Sex, feeds the soul and also feeds relationships.

This stage is inaccessible to those stuck in Outside-In, or Simple Sex – or attached to any of the first four Stages of Sexual Development. It will forever remain elusive to them, trapped as they are to a purely illusionary sexual experience. This stage, Metaphysical Sex, is for those who are preparing, or ready, to go beyond the ordinary experience of sex. It is for those whose soul is ‘awakening’; those who are developing higher senses, or faculties of awareness. The metaphysical approach to sex requires an opening to the limitless range of internal feelings discoverable through the ‘subtle body’.

The word metaphysical is derived from ‘meta’ which denotes something of a higher order, a change of condition. Metaphysical Sex takes us beyond the physical body and describes sex of a higher order. When people engage in Metaphysical Sex, the energies of life are released, feeding the Earth’s atmosphere.

Babies conceived through Metaphysical Sex will be generally peaceful of mind and content. As young children they will display extraordinary talents, including the ability to respond to reason. As adults, males will be sensitive and caring; females will be natural mothers, nurturers or lovers. They will be creative, have an inbuilt confidence to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

Sexual Development Stages six and seven will be described in my Quantum Sex blogs.  However, before moving on to these, it is important to honestly ask yourself: “At which stage of Sexual Development am I?” and “At what stage of Sexual Development is my relationship?”