Key No.3 The Difference Between Arousal & Ejaculation Cycles

During sexual stimulation and arousal there are two sexual processes going on within you. One is your arousal cycle and the other is your ejaculation cycle. These two cycles are linked through sexual stimulation but they are not the same; they are two distinct processes.

The arousal cycle is the combination of subtle teamwork between your hormones and your mind. The ejaculation cycle is a combination between your nervous system and your mind. The triggers that affect arousal appear to happen on the ‘outside’.

The feelings leading up to ejaculation, however, are experienced ‘inside’. Feelings on the inside of your penis during sexual stimulation change and develop in intensity as the different stages of the ejaculation cycle progress.

These are two distinctive cycles. Your arousal cycle is quite distinct from your ejaculation cycle. The art of sexual control is to know where you are in your arousal cycle and where you are on your ejaculation cycle. These blogs will help you to learn how to understand these cycles and develop your mastery of them.

Key No. 4 Five Stages of an Erection

Men are aware that they are expected to have an erect penis in order to make love. Their anxieties increase when they think that they are not sufficiently hard. During intimacy, however, the penis goes through a number of different stages in the erection process.

The first stage of an erection after flaccid is “stiffening.” A stiffening penis isn’t an erection. A stiff penis is when the smooth muscle in the shaft of the penis relaxes, allowing more blood to flow in the penile area. The penis still has a long way to go until it is fully erect. Many men attempt intercourse while the penis is stiffening and they are surprised when it quickly goes down! Men who skip foreplay, depriving themselves and their partner of longer lasting intimacy, try to do too much with a penis that is simply stiff. There is more to a full erection than blood. This is where some of the medical treatments and pills fall short; they fill the penis with blood but a mere blood- filled penis is not a full erection.

The second stage of an erection is when the penis is “hardening.” Allowing the nervous system to contain the blood in the penile channels hardens the stiff penis; at this stage the smooth muscle is relaxed, blood has filled the penis. The penis had hardened because the man is relaxed. His mind is focused and has entered fully into the experience. A hard penis won’t quickly go down through fleeting anxiety or temporary negative thoughts but a stiff penis might. Please be aware of this difference. Negative thoughts and anxious feelings can prevent the penis from moving from the stiff to the hard stage.

The third stage of an erection is when the penis becomes “hot.” This is when the blood is contained in the penile area.

As consciousness is maintained, the fourth stage of the erection is reached; the penis may now become “hot and hard.”

The fifth and final stage is a full erection. This is “hot, hard and enlarged.” It is where the maximum potential of the penis is now achieved and is fully erect.