Key No. 5 Five Stages of Ejaculation

Most couples believe that—after a certain amount of physical stimulation of the penis—a man will inevitably ejaculate. This is typically called the “climax”, which means that his arousal drops dramatically and sex may be over, before it has even really begun.

There are, however, five psychosexual stages to the ejaculation cycle. The first stage in the ejaculation cycle is ‘excitement’ or ‘excitation.’ During this initial phase of the cycle the nervous system is intensified and ultra sensitive in the fingertips, tongue, lips, nipples and penis. Men should not attempt penetrative sex when still in this phase. They should relax and connect with their partner in intimate, mutual caressing. They should open their mind to the sensations taking place in the nervous system during sexual stimulation. Enjoyment, relaxation and communication are the key elements in the first stage of the ejaculation cycle.

Over a short period of time, a man may enter the second stage of the ejaculation cycle, known as the ‘plateau’. When he reaches this stage it is easier for him to tolerate the sensations without anxiety. The nervous system has desensitised and sexual stimulation can be enjoyed without the same intensity as during the excitement phase. The plateau can go on for any length of time so long as mutual pleasure is experienced. This is the ‘control period’.

The third stage of the ejaculation cycle is ‘orgasm’ which may be accompanied by ejaculation. Orgasm is something that should become implosive rather than explosive. Men have the ability to be multi-orgasmic in a similar way to women.

The fourth stage of the ejaculation cycle is ‘voluntary ejaculation’. This occurs when the man and his partner are ready for him to ejaculate. Our definition of ejaculation control is for ejaculation to happen voluntarily as a planned event.

Ejaculation is always followed by a fifth stage; ‘resolution’. This is a period when the arousal cycle naturally declines and the penis becomes flaccid. There follows a period of time, varying from man to man, before arousal and another erection is achieved.