Key No. 1      Your Sexual Relationship is a Gift

Sexuality is not something you ‘do’. It expresses an important facet of who you are. Sex is a gift, a vital creative energy. You don’t need to work harder at sex. Open yourself to the ever-present potential of your natural sexuality. You were born with the capability to share mutually pleasurable sexual energy within the context of a consensual relationship. Negative thoughts, emotions, feelings and circumstances impair the natural flow of a good sexuality. Loosen up and allow it to happen. Let go of striving, trying and worrying. Discover the healing power of intimacy and allow your sexuality to simply develop.

Key No. 2       Discover The Real Self

Most couples, when they experience sexual difficulties, begin to look outside themselves for the cause of the problem and also the solution. For example, when experiencing sexual difficulties a man may say “if only I could change my environment I would be fine” or “if only I could change my partner I would not be suffering these problems”.

Many men and women look outside of themselves for ‘gimmicks’ to improve their sexual arousal. To avoid premature ejaculation, many men think about the football or cricket results, the ugliest man in their office or their income tax return; all in an attempt to find a method of controlling their ejaculation cycle.  Struggling with erection problems they turn to pills and other medical methods. Women blame themselves: “If only I could look more attractive. If only I had a better body, then I might be more acceptable to my partner”.

The source of sexual arousal and sexual control are both to be found within. Deep inside is the Real Self; the real you. The Self inside you is not subject to constant change, will never get old and does not die when the physical body dies.

You are probably very conscious of your body. You may be less conscious of your feelings but you probably know when you’re sad, angry or fearful. You will also be conscious of your thoughts. You may know how to calculate incredibly complicated mathematics or be able to solve great mathematical formulae. Yet despite all this self knowledge you may not have discovered who you really are.

Discovering the Real You is a life transforming experience. It revolutionises your whole life, including your relationships and your sex life. Sex is not merely something that you do with your body. If you connect with the Real Self then you have found the key to overcoming negative thoughts, emotions and anxieties. Your body will then be free to function as it is capable of doing.