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How would it feel to live a deeply satisfying and fulfilling sex life, regardless of your past experiences or lack of experience?

How would you like to have sexual confidence to know that you can enjoy intimacy and sex, rather than think of it as a source of worry and anxiety?

What would you say, if I were to suggest you could be completely free from sexual dysfunctions and problems? What would you think if I were to say to you There is nothing wrong with you?


There are Three Types of Sex: Outside-In Sex, Simple Sex and Inside-Out Sex


When you learn how to change the way you think about sex, your relationships, and happiness your whole life will be transformed.

The ICASA Ten-Step Sexual Recovery Programme is a step-by-step process of sexual healing and transformation tried, tested and proven by over a thousand satisfied male and female clients over the past twenty years.

Whether you, or your partner, suffers from erectile dysfunction, premature or inhibited ejaculation.

Whether you are a woman who has problems with your orgasm, or even painful sex.

Whether you are a man or a woman who is afraid of intimacy and, as a result, has never had a satisfying intimate relationship.


Just imagine if you:

  • Woke up everyday feeling optimistic and excited about your life, and the day ahead.
  • Started each day free from the dark cloud that has hung over you.
  • Looked forward to the prospect of going out on a date, or to enjoy yourself socially with friends.
  • Felt good about yourself, how sexy and powerful you really are when you look in a mirror.
  • Were living a happy and joyful life.


Try to really feel what that would be like…Is that really what you want?


If so, the next step towards achieving what you want is only a click on this page away and what’s more

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To introduce you to the ICASA Ten-Step Sexual Recovery Programme, you can download today your:

“Ten powerful steps you can take to overcome fear of intimacy, performance anxiety and sexual problems”

Written by David Brown, Founder and Principal of The Centre for ICASA, this free illustrated and enlightening book includes:


  • The Healing Power of Intimacy
  • About The Author
  • Understanding the Sexual Body
  • Premature Ejaculation and How to Overcome It
  • Overcoming Arousal and Erection Problems
  • Four Keys to a Fulfilling Sex Life
  • Intimacy Always Diminishes Anxiety
  • There Is More to the Body Than the Image You See in the Mirror
  • Three Types of Sex
  • There Is Nothing Wrong With You
  • Conscious Breathing Techniques
  • Unlocking Feelings
  • Intimate Communication
  • Mastering Negative Thoughts
  • Becoming Intuitive
  • Developing Personal Magnetism
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Safety, Touch, Nudity and Desire
  • Genitals, The Kiss, Sexual Energy and The Orgasm
  • Sexual Intercourse and Lovemaking
  • And more



Do not wait for great strength before setting out, for immobility will weaken you further. Do not wait to see very clearly before starting: one has to walk toward the light. Have you strength and courage enough to take this first step to accomplish this act that leads to recovery the necessity of which is apparent to you? Take this step! Perform this act! You will be astonished to feel that the effort accomplished instead of having exhausted your strength, has doubled it and that you already see more clearly what you have to do next. Philippe Vernier