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Let me introduce you to the “Ten Deadly Sexual Problems” and, most importantly “How To Solve Them’.

  1. Non-Consummation / Unwanted Midlife Virginity
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Premature Ejaculation
  4. Inhibited Ejaculation
  5. Inability To Respond and/or Painful Sex
  6. Inability To Orgasm
  7. Sexless Relationships
  8. Compulsive Promiscuity
  9. Pornography And Masturbation Addiction
  10. Gender Orientation Confusion / Unwanted Same Sex Attraction

Despite the severity of these sexual problems and the effects upon the psyche; sexual insecurities, dysfunctions and anxieties are largely kept secret, even from psychologists, therapists and doctors. Why? Typically it is either because clients or patients are too embarrassed to disclose their sexual problems or the therapist too reluctant to have the sexual problems revealed – for want of a real solution.

 Sexual problems affect men and women at the deepest part of their psyche. In order to solve existential fears; as a professional therapist, doctor or healer, you must be equipped to help people to transform the inner self.  Here are the keys. I like to call these keys “SOUL – UTIONS”. 

  1. Opening New Pathways To The Mind
  2. Discovering The Third Type Of Sex
  3. Connecting Men To Masculine Energy And Women To The Feminine
  4. Direct Experience Of Sexual Recovery

This blog will help you to learn more about these four soul-ution keys.

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