How many of us have experienced jealousy?

Literally all of us, of course, including me.  In fact, when I was a young man I was extremely jealous and it ruined early relationships. Some years ago I went to see somebody who I respected a lot, and said, “Can you tell me how to master jealousy?”  He looked at me as though I was crazy.  “Master jealousy?” He replied.  “You can’t master jealousy any more than you can master time, or sickness or death.  What you can do”, he continued, “is to develop your personal magnetism.  In that way, you will overcome the negative effects of jealousy.”

I came to realize that we are all like radio receivers.  We think that we are just a solid body, but in actual fact, what animates and surrounds our body is a type of electricity—or to be more accurate—we are like radio stations. Our mind vibrates and operates at a certain frequency.  When that frequency is tuned in to the same frequency as “Radio Jealousy”,  what we need to do is to be able to change the radio station.

Most psychologists and self-help books will try to help people to resolve things like jealousy simply at a psychological level.  But I’m afraid that simply doesn’t work.  It is not managing the condition that’s going to free you when jealousy comes calling: you need to be able to change the frequency of your receiver.

How can you do this?  

This talk deals with deep and powerful techniques, which,
if you actually do follow them in your life, will change your entire state of being.