Initial Training and Internship Programme

  • Training to become an accredited Surrogate Partner Therapist is a one-year programme.
  • The Initial Induction Training Course is conducted over the first four-month period or through sixteen days of training arranged by mutual agreement.
  •  The curriculum is made up of a combination of learning, self-development and experiential practices through training workshops.
  • Successful attendance, suitability and aptitude over a period of training is followed by an invitation to embark on an internship of six or twelve months at The Centre for ICASA in Bedfordshire, England during which the intern works as a trainee Surrogate Partner on a professional basis under supervision by an ICASA Mentor and Therapist.
  • Trainees who complete the Induction Training and Internship receive Certification and may be offered a contract to work as part of the therapy team at The Centre for ICASA;

Application Procedure

  • A personal interview and/or attendance at an ICASA Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy Seminar is required for acceptance onto the Elementary Module of the training programme.  Acceptance onto further modules is dependent upon successful completion of all preceding modules. Personal Review Interviews are conducted at the completion of every module.
  • To become an ICASA certified Surrogate Partner requires successful attendance and completion of all modules.
  • ICASA Training is experiential and effective in deepening one’s own personal experience and understanding of intimacy. Personal awareness is an essential preparation for helping others to heal. A unanimous commitment to creating a confidential and respectful common mind and purpose among the training group is essential in creating a safe space for open sharing within the training group.  Acceptance onto the Course is dependent upon committing to a Confidentiality Contract protecting fellow trainees during and following training.
  • Trainees are accepted onto ICASA Training on condition of their acceptance of a Confidentiality and Non-Competition Contract, which precludes working independently outside The Centre for ICASA other than through the ICASA Graduation, Internship and Accreditation procedures.