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How do we know when we have found love?  Can love be lost once it has been found, or is it indestructible?

Then what is lovemaking?  What is this strange obsession that unites us all?  What is the real meaning of lovemaking?  Is lovemaking designed for and confined to procreation or does it have a life-long purpose?

How can we find fulfilment in our relationships?  Why is there such apparent and widespread pain in relationships that start out by promising so much fulfilment?  What would it be and feel like, to be truly fulfilled?  Is it possible to transform relationships that have become shipwrecked or run aground?  Can a relationship in crisis be rescued?  If so, how can this be achieved?  Discovering answers to these and other questions is the real purpose of this ICASA Programme.

Most people never really find love. They think that they have, only to be disillusioned and hurt. They think that love has hurt them, but they are wrong. Love can never hurt; it can only heal. It is the lack of love in relationships that causes pain and suffering. In fact, throughout history and throughout the world, all suffering is simply the effect of missed opportunities to love.

I have been on the spiritual path for over forty years and a transpersonal sexual therapist for twenty of those years.  I meet with the face of loneliness in my clients every day of my life and have been privileged to spend most of my life working to alleviate this loneliness, the primary cause of which is longing for love and fear of never experiencing it.

To explain the inexplicable, to describe the indescribable, is obviously impossible. Ultimately, to know what love is, you must feel it.

This blog will reveal the secrets of the ICASA Intimacy Recovery Programme which has helped hundreds to gain control of their mental, emotional and sexual responses, enabling full and satisfying intimate relationships.

How To Master Jealousy

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How many of us have experienced jealousy? Literally all of us, of course, including me.  In fact, when I was a young man I was extremely jealous and it ruined early relationships. Some years ago

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