Let’s start by getting acquainted. By visiting my website you have already shown yourself to be someone who is searching to understand the deeper mysteries of love and sex. I already know a few things about you. You’re an extraordinary person; highly creative, emotionally and spiritually intelligent. You are deeply sensual; sexually aware and sensitive to the world around, in all its’ splendor.  Your sensitivity gives you a strange, deep and compassionate connection with everything and with all beings; human and in nature. For you, all things are connected in a mysterious and, wonderful way. Paradoxically, you enjoy your own company and find profound peace in solitude. Because of these characteristics and habits, friends and family consider you a little ‘weird’; in the best possible way, of course.

You are very aware of feelings, your deep longings and primal hunger. You connect easily with the feelings of others. You can ‘read’ people like a book, feeling their shifts of mood and sensing their hidden motives. You are often subject to feeling their pain. Your energy is often ‘hot’, sometimes ‘too hot to handle’. You love to be touched and to touch, both physically and emotionally.   You are restless; thirsty for purpose and meaning in life, love, and especially in relationships. You are magnetic and attract love, yet intimate relationships remain a continuous search for the real thing.  You are infected with an apparently insatiable dissatisfaction with things as they are.

You are frustrated by socially created boundaries and refuse to settle for what is less than what you believe is possible. You find ‘small talk’ unbearable. You will often embark on new ventures without properly thinking through where they are going to lead. You feel as though there is a purpose to accomplish in your life but you don’t know what, or even how to find out what it is.  You have so much desire, vision and love to give but it is as though circumstances prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

You want to be loved, needed and to be useful; creative in your career and especially in your relationships. You have a deep connection with your sexuality but lovemaking lacks the fulfillment that you yearn. You are tired of the dull routine and daily grind that leads nowhere. Your heart hungers for something better.  Always there is something within you, urging you on to bigger things; giving you no peace, no rest, no chance to be content.  There is something within that keeps telling you “there is more to life and love than this”.  It keeps you up at night, reminding you to keep ‘seeking and knocking’ until you find what you intuitively know exists.

In so many ways, you feel stuck. It might be that your relationship is stuck ‘in a rut’.  You know that there is so much more of life, love and sex to be discovered, if only you weren’t so stuck.  Or maybe you are stuck in a recurring cycle of destructive relationships.  Now you feel so afraid to repeat your mistakes that you are scared to even open yourself to a new relationship.

Or it could be that you are stuck in a lonely and dark state since the separation, divorce or death of a partner you loved and still love.  You want to move on but you can’t open yourself to life, love or even to happiness.  You are lonely, constantly feeling sad and stuck.

People everywhere find themselves stuck. They are searching for love. The primary energy for human existence is love; more vital for our existence than oxygen or food, this vast, powerful, energy is the very ‘stuff’ of life and creativity. As one connects with love the mysteries behind life’s dramas unfold, answering questions that confound human thinking; turning even tragedy into a gift for those who are able to discover it. The whole purpose of life on earth can be reduced to a single goal – to prove the reality and infallibility of love by experiencing it. Love cannot be taken for granted, nor can we presume upon it simply by reading about or theorising over it. Love has to be generated. It is a shared experience. Relationships are love’s power stations. There are many types of relationships and all offer the opportunity to experience love in one form or another. Sexual relationships, however, are one of the surest yet most difficult ways of realising love and probably the least understood. It is with the purpose of love, intimacy and sex in the world that this blog is concerned.