Treating sexual dysfunctions without healing the causes is like pasting wallpaper over a cracked wall and hoping it will stick.  Treating symptoms by prescribing medications such as viagra or its offspring when the causes remain unhealed may actually make sexual problems worse, depute the attempts from the drug companies to persuade doctors that they are doing the right thing by ‘kick-starting’ the patient into action! (This is a bit like treating insomnia caused by real anxieties by prescribing sleeping pills without attending to the anxieties).

The medical profession has classified premature ejaculation as untreatable. This is because there has not been a prescription drug that can be prescribed to ‘cure’ the condition, which is a psychogenic sexual dysfunction in 95% of cases.  Inhibited ejaculation  is notoriously difficult to treat. The character style (or ego identification) of a controlling personality is usually casual to the symptom. This makes change extremely difficult for such people to respond to. Talk therapy alone is almost always ineffective in resolving inhibited ejaculation. Fear of intimacy cannot be, in any circumstances, treated by prescribing Viagra despite countless incidents of this being reported by clients who have subsequently attended our clinic.

Some doctors have gone as far as suggesting that sexually inexperienced patients should consider visiting a prostitute but many have, only to be faced with their casual fear of intimacy re-emerging in an environment where intimacy is a rare commodity and all damaging “Outside-In” approach to sex is the norm.

Susan Quilliam, the respected Agony Aunt and Author of books on sexology answered a letter from a desperate adult virgin sent in  to FHM Magazine and which asked the question, “Should I Lose It To A Tart?”  Her published reply unequivocally warned against such vulnerable men visiting prostitutes and, instead recommended Surrogate Partner Therapy.

The issues are even more sensitive in treating female sexual insecurities and anxieties. How can lives be reclaimed after such deeply ingrained feelings of self-judgement, self-condemnation, self-hatred and self-loathing have become entrenched in the psyche? By unlearning the errors and discovering intimacy; by becoming an adolescent again. By restoring Paradise.