When the mind is mentioned, most people automatically think merely of the physical brain.  This is, indeed, a marvellous organ.  Like a ‘super computer’ hard drive, the brain holds more memory than the greatest and most powerful computer on earth.  Its intricacy is beyond the knowledge of the most learned scientists.  It is not, however, the originator of all impressions. The brain is a receiver through which we translate impressions into thoughts, concepts and concrete information; just as a radio or TV set is the receiver of invisible waves, beamed from a source of signals and transformed into intelligible information.  Your mind is not imprisoned within the brain.  It is capable of wisdom and knowledge far superior to your individual conditioned experience and knowledge gained through your past life experiences and conditioning.

Like any computer, this brain is cluttered with a huge amount of unwanted programmes and data.  In a computer, these files can be apparently deleted with a simple operation but in fact the data is actually compressed beneath an influx of new data.  When old data such as this re-emerges, the human computer will ‘crash’, often with the collapse of arousal or erection.

The cortex brain is a huge database of information; most of which has been input from external sources and experiences. Much of this data does not originate with you. Thoughts stored in this part of the brain are not your thoughts, most are other people’s thoughts and the majority of them are negative!  Conditioned thoughts and experiences in the human brain cannot easily be deleted – “I hope my erection doesn’t go down like last time!”  or “I bet I won’t be able to get an erection…”    Negative thoughts can come crashing into your awareness just when you don’t want them, like uninvited guests that don’t bother to call before turning up at your house, overstay their welcome and won’t go home!

Negative thoughts create feelings in the body such as dread, anxiety, despair and fear. The effect is that the physical body may dysfunction under crushing negative body feelings.  A man who identifies closely with these feelings believes that the thoughts must be true; something must be fundamentally ‘flawed’ with him.  He is ‘damaged’ in some way, ‘not normal’.  Now it is deduced than an erection cannot happen.  It seems impossible to separate the thoughts from the thinker.

Specific circumstances may trigger particular negative thoughts and feelings.  In order to avoid those circumstances, life becomes an unending cycle of trying to control events to prevent negative thoughts to arise.  This downward cycle is based on fear.  The mind is altogether greater than the brain.  You are that mind; you are not simply a brain.

You can learn by the practice of scientifically based exercises to master your thought life, to eliminate the effects of negative thoughts and feelings and to remove the weight of inhibition that has anchored your sexual arousal – and your erection – to the ground.