Sexual Confidence
– For Couples (Download)

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The Healing Power Of Intimacy Can Be Yours…

Each boxset come in two easily downloadable files.

The Ten Steps of the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme come in ten workbooks, or volumes—a total of over 500 pages of ageless wisdom that I have studied and personally practised over my entire adult lifetime. For the past twenty years I have mentored and guided almost fifteen hundred men and women through this programme, which is a step-by-step approach to discovering or re-discovering their sexual confidence through the healing power of intimacy.

All ten workbooks are written in easy-to-read style, beautifully illustrated with full-colour photographs on every page, and come in a case, which you can keep on your bookshelf with pride.

Now you can benefit from my lifetime of study, personal experience and professional practice as a trans-personal sexual therapist.

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Is real intimacy lacking in your relationship?

Is sex a dull routine every time?

Do you have less sex now in your relationship than you did a couple of years ago?

Has your relationship become sexless?

Has sex finished before it has even begun?

Have you shut down?


Is It Possible to Discover, or Re-Discover, Satisfying and Fulfilling Intimacy in Our Relationship?


It is a very common thing to hear people say: “Of course, sex isn’t everything…” They are wrong.

When it comes to intimate relationships, sex is ultimately at the heart of everything. Of course, there is a grain of truth in what they say. But if we assume for a moment that you and your partner love each-other, then sex is the physical and emotional expression of your love. Sex is the one distinguishing aspect of an intimate relationship. It is the foundation, the basis, upon which an intimate relationship is built.

In my work as a transpersonal sex therapist, it is common to meet couples who have lost their intimate connection. They tell me that their sex life was exciting at the beginning, but over time, the intimacy has disappeared and sex is now infrequent and unsatisfying. Sexual deterioration may happen after child-birth, illness or other body-altering surgery. Intimacy may be lost while children are young, growing up and demanding attention. Sex might get lost during periods of financial stress, bereavement or other practical difficulties.

But open your mind for just a few minutes.

Whatever has caused the loss of intimacy and satisfying sex in your relationship, there is a solution. The ICASA Ten-Step Sexual Recovery Programme has helped hundreds of couples to experience deep, fulfilling intimacy and satisfying sex in their relationship—no matter what stage of life, or practical circumstances they are in.

By purchasing the ten-volume workbook programme for couples , and by practising the exercises that are described and explained, you will discover and experience:

  • How to let go of defensive or controlling patterns
  • How to open to trust
  • The art and science of the deeper intimate caress
  • The beauty in your body
  • How to establish a healthy life-long relationship with your body
  • How to express intimate pleasure
  • How to release blocked energy in the body
  • Healing from past emotional and sexual wounds
  • How to eliminate insecurities relating to genitals
  • The beauty and the mystery of male and female genitals
  • How to release sexual energy from within
  • How to connect to, and release the lion, or lioness, within
  • How to arouse desire
  • How to take charge of arousal and erection
  • How to expand your orgasmic potential and control ejaculation
  • The meaning and purpose of lovemaking


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