Sometimes referred to as clairsentience, the psyche can experience tangible feelings, often ignored or misused, but vital within relationships if the depth of feeling between partners is to include a connection at the level of the mind. When a couple have made this “mind connection” they never again need ask each other the dreaded question “how was that for you?”   Each will know the state of mind of the other during intimate lovemaking. It is sometimes believed in therapeutic and spiritual schools of thought that the mind gets in the way of feelings; this is only partially true. Distracting and negative thoughts do, indeed, stand in the way of true feelings, but the psyche itself contains all thought and feeling. The psyche is a psychological word for the soul, but I might call it the “higher soul” or the “spiritual soul” because it clearly includes the intuitional mind and is not simply a passive. The psyche is not located so much within the body, as around and permeating the body. It includes thought, feeling, energy and libido. It is the feeling of “knowing” as distinct from objective thinking. As one learns to “let go” and open completely to trust, it feels as though the air that you breathe has a different quality about it.

The senses merge; taste and feeling become one. The same can be said of the aroma of your partner; your appreciation of his or her aroma emerges from the body, even the skin, as a feeling in your psyche. Vision and sight blur with feeling into primal beauty and awe. The feeling is as though you have stepped into another world, as Alice did when she stepped through the looking glass. If you physically touch – but with the psyche – it is as though every square millimetre of your partner’s skin is a complete body in itself. There are feelings of awe and wonder that sweep over one who touches with the psyche. Communication between intimate partners who are connected at this level also merges into a feeling. Have you ever stepped out of a busy city centre and into a cathedral, temple or other religious building that has been truly sanctified by meditation, prayer and devotion? If so, do you recall the feeling of the silence and stillness as you leave the hustle and bustle of the city street and suddenly find yourself in “another world”? You may even find yourself gasping with amazement and wonder. You will probably utter some whispered words of appreciation, of delight. Whatever sounds or words you utter will simply reflect the feelings you are experiencing within your psyche.

These are the feelings of love. They prove the existence of love, and if you can allow yourself to open your mind even further – beyond the psychological psyche – they can become the feelings that prove the existence of God. The bodily organ, or centre, with which you can experience feelings of the psyche is the larynx. From the larynx arise sounds and words, sometimes articulate and sometimes inarticulate; either way, the sounds convey their message and its communication can be expressed in a variety of ways. In an intimate relationship, some common ways in which the psyche may effectively express feelings are through kissing, sounds of pleasure and deep sighing.