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Quantum Sex is a philosophy of intimacy, love and sex appropriate for the current age. It is a practical philosophy—a certain way of thinking—intended for men and women who feel the need to discover and experience a greater understanding of the true purpose of sex and intimate relationships. Quantum Sex is for individuals or couples who want deeper meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment in sex, who want results and are willing to go beyond the conventional way of thinking—to take a scientific approach to self- discovery. It is not blind belief that will prove the philosophy of Quantum Sex to be true, but for every man or woman who opens his or her mind sufficiently to ponder the blogs, articles and statements in this website—and practises the experiments suggested—dramatic improvements to the quality, longevity and creativity of their intimate life and relationships will be the result.

Quantum Sex can help to plug you into the most powerful energy in the Universe. Once plugged in, you can then choose to throw the switch and light up the whole of your life, just like electricity lights up a dark room when the switch is turned on. Just think of the difference that would make to your life; like between watching a black and white silent movie and one in technicolour and 3D.

What exactly is this powerful cosmic energy?  The word we commonly use to describe it is ‘love’. All cosmic life, including that of human beings, emanates from love yet we have not even begun to research and tap into its endless and inexhaustible supply.  We could also call this universal power, ‘Sex Energy’.  There is nothing alive that was not created and animated by sex energy.

So what can be done to get unstuck and where does this ‘cosmic power’ reside?  Where is the ‘socket’ for the ‘plug’? You may be surprised to hear it, but this most powerful force in the Universe is in YOU.

Quantum Sex is for those who are ready to journey beyond the normal confines of the mind and emotions; to explore the expansive states of consciousness, love and sex. Quantum Sex can provide the world with a new energy source, solve many of the current unresolved scientific mysteries of life and prove empirically the cosmic purpose of love, intimate relationships and sex.  Through Quantum Sex some couples will even consciously conceive advanced souls who will help raise the collective consciousness of the following generations on Earth. This website is not simply about how to create a better sex life; it is a step-by-step system revealing how Quantum Sex can create a better world.

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The Body of Feelings

By |September 8th, 2017|Categories: Quantum Sex|

The human body is an amazing, mysterious structure drawn out of forces from the cosmos over unimaginable periods of space-time. No known feat of engineering could manufacture the elbow or the ankle to the same

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The Sixth Stage of Sexual Development

By |July 4th, 2017|Categories: Quantum Sex|

The Sixth Stage of Sexual Development is reached when an individual, or a couple, can experience a particular range of orgasmic states at will. This Stage begins with an expansion from genital orgasm to whole-body

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The Quantum Elements: Part 3

By |May 17th, 2017|Categories: Quantum Sex|

What is the essence, the substance, of the Universe? The answer is warmth. This warmth is not derived directly from the sun; what we experience from the sun is heat. Warmth is not felt when we

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Why Everybody Should Have a Quantum Sex Life

By |March 3rd, 2017|Categories: Quantum Sex|

  Everybody needs to have a good sex life. The ancients in the Orient attributed the Way to good health and longevity of life to be through an active sex life. Artists, poets, writers, musicians,

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The Mystic Heart of Sex

By |November 9th, 2016|Categories: Quantum Sex|

It is a very common thing to hear people say: “Of course, sex isn’t everything…” They are wrong. Sex is at the heart of everything. Of course, there is a grain of truth in what

The Quantum Elements: Part 2

By |June 24th, 2016|Categories: Quantum Sex|

To understand the second principle, we must even dispense with the concept of a self-existing Universe. Our galaxy, of which our solar system occupies the spatial equivalent of a cupboard under the stairs in a vast country

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