If men knew the inner power that they possess, they would never again worry about their erection failing or become anxious about their sexual “performance”.

Most men want an easy way to solving erection difficulties; they are passive and wish that their penis would do what they want it to without any effort on their part.

Sex is a chore to most men and a fantasy to others.  It is a source of great anxiety and worry, a burden that they work hard at avoiding. It becomes a habit to worry about sex and to consider it a duty, a task, rather than to enjoy it.

Some men secretly hate their penis and are at war with it.  They think that it should perform at all times on demand and that they are being betrayed and let down by it. They come to expect failure and their experience lives up to their expectations: a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Can this constant cycle of negative expectation and experience ever be broken?  Can a man take charge of his penis instead of his penis being in charge of him?

The answer to these questions is an unequivocal “Yes”, but it will not happen to the passive, lazy man or if he is double-minded.  Getting ‘plugged in’ to universal principles and laws, to access the resources available to every man requires inner shifts and changes of perspective and perception.

Then again, it is possible to be ‘plugged in’ but not ‘switched on’. This also requires effort, practice and perseverance.  One thing is certain, however, that if a man is determined to become both ‘plugged in’ and ‘switched on’ to the hidden creative power that is available within him, he can transform the quality of his life and that of those around him.

Once ‘plugged in’, the ‘switching on’ and the ‘tuning in’ requires some dedication and commitment.  This is where many men fall away.  Such men want a short and simple way to an erection without any commitment or effort from themselves.  This is why pills and potions are so popular with medical doctors and men of all ages today.

In these days, ‘little blue pills’, chemicals and treatments can help to rectify the superficial symptoms of erectile dysfunction if the causes are physical.  However, the physiology of the body is not the sole determining factor of an erection.  Does a musical instrument play itself?  Does a canvass adorn itself with paint and colour and become a Mona Lisa or a landscape all by itself?

According to the medical profession, there are three aspects of man’s body that, when working properly, produce an erection. The three are:

  • blood supply, containment and flow
  • the nerve system
  • hormones

There are two other vital aspects of man’s faculties that are responsible for creating erections.  The first of these two vital links to the body is the mind.

The second vital aspect is force; energy within and all around us that is the hidden source of erection power.  When a man has discovered this secret source of energy he will not need blue pills or hormone supplements.  He will have found the real key to unlock his erection and can connect with it at any time.  This energy, when released in a sexually intimate context, may be expressed as ‘SEXUAL ENERGY’.