There are a number of very significant places along the body where the nervous system has particular intensity of energy, feeling and purpose. These bodily places are known technically as plexi, or plexuses. A plexus is a nerve centre; a type of interconnecting junction for the workings of three channels of nerves. The plexuses are connected to the spine; located in and around the cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal areas. The areas along the front of the body most affected by these plexuses are the larynx, the heart, the stomach, genitals and anus.

The intricate nervous system is connected with the brain at the top of the system and the genitals at a point very close to the bottom of it. The central nervous system is connected to the cerebellum, a part of the brain behind which is located the all-important hormonal glands called the pineal and pituitary glands. These glands are responsible for the secretion of a variety of hormones through the network of glands that make up the endocrine system. The emotions and involuntary nerve energy, or feeling, comes from the activities of the glands. Science now knows that the building and evolving forces within the human body operate almost wholly through the glandular system. The glands have been found to be the intercommunicating instruments, or transformers, between the energies of life and the physical body.

So can we control the type and intensity of ‘electrical’ energy in the body? Is it possible to affect the sympathetic nervous system so that it has the right ‘voltage’ of electricity for the appropriate situation? How can we balance the functions of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems so that the man or woman experiences a balance between the ‘white-hot’ type of electricity that leads to ejaculation or orgasm and the warm energy that allows arousal to develop comfortably and naturally; for the genitals to become enlarged or opened sufficiently without ‘boiling over’ or ‘burning out’?

Men and women have different primary aspects of life force that may be called ‘feminine energy’ and ‘masculine energy’.  Both men and women have a combination of these complimentary polarities, masculine and feminine; it is the balancing or harmonising of these two compliments that so-called ‘attraction’ or ‘chemistry’ occurs between two people.  Through special practices, one can energise the body with these surrounding life forces. Following consistency of practice, this results in the ability to overcome fatigue, heighten the power of real concentration and strengthen the power of the will. Consciously connecting with the life force and moving it throughout the body in the appropriate direction transforms everything, especially the process of sexual arousal. It is a secret key of the miracle of the male erection and female arousal.