Many men secretly hate their penis and are at war with it.  They think that it should perform at all times on demand and that they are being betrayed and let down by it. They come to expect failure and their experience lives up to their expectations – a ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’.

Many women are anxious about intimacy and sexual relationships. They worry about whether they are pleasing their partners. They wonder if they are doing it ‘right’… A lot of women are insecure about their ability to make love in such a way that is fulfilling for them and their partner. They are worried about how they look, how they react, and whether they may be either rejected or judged as unattractive.

Many couples find their sexual relationship unsatisfying. Over time, they find themselves in a sexless relationship with an apparently unbridgeable gulf that separates their outward life from their intimate needs. When couples such as these present for sexual therapy at our Centre, it is commonly discovered that the male partner is trapped in feminine energy and the female partner is defaulting to masculine energy.

Behind everything that we can see, feel or touch is energy.  The whole universe is a teaming, swirling bundle of energy; atoms, gasses, electrons, protons.  If you could see the energy that is compressed by particles into physical matter you would understand that everything is constantly in motion. Intrinsically connected with the field of atomic and sub-atomic energy exist fields of even finer, subtle energies. These are the energies of life. This is a fact that has been known for many thousands of years although modern science is only slowly admitting this to be possible.

The physical body of every living being is surrounded and enlivened by this subtle energy, which surrounds and permeates us at all times and in all places. It weaves around and within us through a mysterious and complex system of psychic centres connecting our physical body to these universal electro-magnetic fields. If men and women knew the inner power that they each possess, they would never again worry about their erection failing or become anxious about their sexual attraction. But getting ‘plugged in’ to universal principles and law requires inner shifts and changes of perspective and perception. In my next blog I’ll start by introducing you to the ‘ENERGY BODY’.