The human body is an amazing, mysterious structure drawn out of forces from the cosmos over unimaginable periods of space-time. No known feat of engineering could manufacture the elbow or the ankle to the same degree of perfection as human bone structure. No textile, however fine and precious, could replicate human skin. No computer expert could build a machine to replace or even rival the human head. No jewel, crystal or precious stone could usurp the human eye.  Consider the ears, tongue and the vocal chords. The human digestive and reproductive systems are staggering in their complexity and mystery.

Everything in the Universe, including human bodies, is composed of energy in one form or another. The physical body that we see in the mirror and that others see when they look at us appears to be composed of arms and legs; a head, hair, external organs is actually composed of billions of cells that are made up of atoms that are, in turn, composed of protons, electrons, neutrons, positrons and mesons; all whirling within each atom. Your body appears to be solid but it is actually composed of cells. These cells appear to be chemical and autonomous but are in fact composed of groups of subatomic particles.

Objects that we see around us and consider as solid, including the chair you are sitting on or the table you are sitting at, are also composed of energy.  Behind everything that we can see, feel or touch is energy.  The universe is a teaming, swirling bundle of energy composed of gasses, molecules, atoms, electrons, protons; the substance behind all organic life and matter.  If you could see the energy compressed into physical matter you would understand that everything is constantly in motion. Most people think that the physical body animates and sustains itself; it does not. The physical body itself is a ‘bundle’ of energetic motion.

Behind the field of atomic and sub-atomic energy exist fields of even finer, subtler energies. These are the fields of life energies, or life forces.  These energies are the substance of life and existence itself; those that animate our bodies, minds and feelings. Energy is all around us at all times and in all places. These “quanta” are, in turn, manifestations of a yet subtler energy that is the source and substance of ultimate reality. This vital energy is the “Life-Force” that animates and sustains our bodies.

All these quantum particles that make up the physical machinery that we think is a solid body are themselves a manifestation of waves; the intelligent energy of consciousness and will that provides waves of sensation, thought, feeling and will-power. This vital force is the source of thought, feeling and physical activity. The link between mind and the body is supplied by this life force.

The universe is permeated, superimposed and surrounded by a vast “cosmos” of this conscious life energy. It is the wave realm that the quantum physicists speak of when they say that energy is visible to the physical eye as particles and at the same time invisible as waves. The human body is also surrounded and permeated by this frequency which is life energy composed of consciousness, will and intelligence. It is sometimes referred to as our “aura” or “halo”; it is also variously known as the “etheric” or “ethereal body”, the “second body”, the “life body” or the “subtle body”.

In simplified terms, the physical body is surrounded and permeated by subtle bodies; magnetic and energy fields, or aura, that are the organs of feeling and life forces. These subtle bodies will last longer than the physical body, which is functional only while we have the capability to breathe consistently. The skin is the boundary that contains the organisation of the human body; the heart, blood, digestive system and all that keeps the body functioning. The subtle, energy body connects your physical body to the universal energies – the source of your feelings.

When this dimension is discovered, it is a key to releasing enormous power. Such is the universal order that some have tapped into its power unknowingly and released energy that has been used in a destructive way. It is because of this potential for the mis-use of the energies of love that the knowledge of them has been largely kept hidden from the ordinary general public. The knowledge has remained “esoteric”, or “occult”, except to those who have been proven qualified to understand them. Such qualification has been ascribed, only after long periods of study and practice, to those who have been first recognised under descriptions such as initiates, esoteric students, novices, disciples, yogis, mystics, etc.

Sexual intercourse is one such way in which this energy can be tangibly felt and exchanged between human beings, either for immense good or with terrible effect. Sex without energy is lifeless. Sex without love is simply physical and dead. Sex without intimacy is meaningless. But when cosmic balance is established, sexual intercourse becomes lovemaking, a deep communication and connection expressing the true essence of the state of human being.