We may well ask ourselves the question: “Where do we start in this quest to harness the energies of love?”

A scientific approach to new discovery, based upon empirical methodology, starts with a threefold procedure: identifying the problem, creating a hypothesis and having an experimental method for proving, or disproving that hypothesis. Through the experimental method, important discoveries such as radiation have been developed in the same way as our ancestors first discovered fire. As another example, Benjamin Franklin – the ‘Master of Electricity’ – is said to have connected lightening and electricity by flying a kite in a thunderstorm.

Whilst realising that my particular approach may not satisfy all scientific purists, this blog will attempt to solve the problem of whether love can be consciously realised as an energy resource and cultivated through ‘Quantum Sex’ thereby increasing the quality and longevity of relationships, improving mental and emotional states, reducing physical sicknesses and raising the collective consciousness of the human race. Our experimental design is to prove the hypothesis through a structured programme, which we have designated the ‘ICASA Quantum Sex Programme’.

I am aware that the long-term aims of this experiment may not be verified within my lifetime or even for many generations. For that reason many may dismiss the hypothesis itself. But what if a quantum shift in our present day understanding of sex were to herald these long-term benefits, however distant in time that might be? Did airplane travel begin with the masses, or with a few pioneers?

There are three groups of people involved in our project. Group One consists of the majority of humankind from the beginnings of known history. The results are in. For a small percentage of this group, lovemaking has proved to be wonderful on occasions but generally only for a short period of their life. For the overwhelming majority, lovemaking is reported to be disappointing at best and damaging to psyche and body at worst. It has proved to be successful in replicating the human organism, but unsuccessful in improving the conditions of human life itself.

Group Two is made up of those men and women who have reached a ‘dead-end’ in their lives or in their relationships where little is working, happiness has eluded them and the sexual aspect of their relationship has stalled, with little prospect of it restarting. This group are unanimous in criticism and disillusionment with regard to both love and lovemaking. They report pain, frustration and despair and they lay the blame at the feet of love itself.

A third group emerges from out of the masses. It is small in number. In fact, it is minute compared with the first two groups. Group Three consists of those who are self-aware; ‘awakened’. These are the scientists in our quest. In fact, they are both the scientist and the laboratory. It is possible that from this group will emerge a quantum shift enabling us to truly harness the energies of love and thus transform our world.