We enter the Fifth Type of Sex through a gateway leading to an intimate relationship with the cosmos. It is spread beyond us, waiting to be explored like the beloved surrendering to a lover. This gateway is our soul, our psyche. It opens before us, waiting and wanting to be undressed; revealing reality, truth and beauty. Nothing now exists alone, separated by time or distance. Nothing on the surface appears to change, except that as you shift one to the other, your entire world changes.

Quantum Sex is a fusion, not just of two people and two bodies. It is not simply a fusion of a man and woman, or even of the genders. It is the union of souls.  At the point of the quantum orgasm it is no longer two lovers who are making love, but one. The sexual energies involved no longer come exclusively from the bodies of the lovers, but as a fusion of those together with higher energies than those known by science. It could be expressed, “at the point of quantum orgasm, human beings are connecting with higher realms of existence”.  This is Quantum Sex.

Quantum Sex is accessible only through higher consciousness, other than ordinary waking consciousness. Although it cannot be understood, let alone experienced by ordinary consciousness, Quantum Sex is for everyone and anyone. Some will discover it through spiritual practice, others through dissatisfaction, others through desperation. Some will find it through pain and shock.. It doesn’t matter how you come to the threshold, this new world is waiting to open up before you. All that you have experienced in life up to this point has been a preparation and nothing is wasted.

Men and women consciously making love through Quantum Sex will eventually conceive the next type of human being who will transform the energy of our planet, making the atmosphere conducive to advanced human life.

Babies conceived through Quantum Sex will be generally peaceful of mind and content. As young children they will display extraordinary talents, including the ability to respond to reason. As adults, males will be sensitive and caring; females will be natural mothers, nurturers or lovers. They will be creative, have an inbuilt confidence to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

To experience Quantum Sex, however, requires a quantum leap. Personality and power will not help us beyond this point. There now emerges a new way of relating to others and the world. Sex no longer exists to improve the quality of life or personal happiness. Even sexual relationships no longer exist merely as a means of comfort and personal satisfaction, but as a channel through which the energies of love may flow into the world.