The fourth type of sex is Metaphysical.  The word metaphysical is derived from meta which denotes something of a higher order, a change of condition. Metaphysical sex takes us beyond the physical body and describes sex of a higher order.  It is sex beyond the ego. It has been called ‘Tantric’ in the East and ‘Energy Sex’ or ‘Karezza’ in the West. This stage is inaccessible to those stuck in Outside-In Sex or attached to Simple Sex. It will forever remain elusive to them, trapped as they are to a purely illusionary sexual experience. This stage is for those who are preparing, or ready, to go beyond the ordinary experience of sex. It is for those whose soul is ‘awakening’; those who are developing higher senses, or faculties of awareness.

The Fifth type of Sex

The fifth type of sex is ‘Quantum Sex’. Quantum Sex is not motivated by attraction, but purpose.  When people engage in Quantum Sex the energies of life are released, feeding the Earth’s atmosphere. The energies of love fuel Quantum Sex; hence, it is not concerned primarily with the quality of sex life but with the quality of human life.  The aims of Quantum Sex are not just in the improvement of sex but the improvement of the human race.

The ‘quanta’ required calls for a recognition and readiness to go beyond sex as previously understood. To adequately describe Quantum Sex and all that reaches out beyond is the purpose of this website.  If you subscribe to this blog and follow my posts regularly, you will develop a state of consciousness that will help you to understand. Even then, the intellect will remain dissatisfied. Aspects of life such as breathing, eating, meditation and Quantum Sex must be experienced in order for them to become fully realised.