Did you realise that your relationship provides you with the power to have, or achieve, anything you truly desire? I repeat: your relationship invests you with the power to have, or achieve, anything you truly desire. Not many couples discover this extraordinary power, which is decreed by Universal Law. Of course, this astonishing power is not to be the primary reason for having an intimate relationship; the motivation for a relationship should be that of love. Having established a foundation of love, however, you are then sharing the privilege of royalty: to have anything you truly desire. I can make this statement—something so outrageous—with such certainty, because I understand the Universal Law of Agreement.

In the process of scientific discovery, we have come to understand that the universe—indeed, the whole cosmos—works according to certain laws; the laws of gravity, magnetism, electricity and relativity for example. The whole realm of nature is in tune with the laws of the universe. Summer follows spring reliably in particular parts of the globe every year. Plant life bursts into bud in spring and blossoms in summer, prepares for slumber in the autumn and returns to sleep in winter. It is universal law that governs the seasons. A ball or other object thrown into the air is guaranteed to return to the ground: a natural outworking of the law of gravity. The laws of magnetism determine whether two electromagnetic objects—or people—attract or repel each other.

The Law of Agreement states “when two people agree, in principle and detail, about anything that they truly desire; the event or thing upon which they have agreed will manifest in the appropriate season.” Simply stated, this means that two people, who can agree in detail on anything, have the power to create anything they truly want or need. Of course, this at first sounds ridiculous: some kind of fantasy, fairy story or New-Age flumpance. It is ridiculous, absurd, unbelievable. But before dismissing this completely, pause a moment and think. What if there was some truth behind it?  Imagine for a moment what possibilities would emerge if you and your life-partner held a key to unlock a universal law, underwriting the creative principles of life.

The possibilities are endless when two intimate partners can agree together as though they can see or touch a desired outcome. That new car or job, more income, unity in the family, better physical health, even conscious conception; anything is possible. You will only be able to prove this law through direct practise and experience. No amount of mental reason will convince you that it is real. I am not saying that such a depth of agreement between two people is easy; that is the reason why this law is so esoteric, that is, hidden from most people’s understanding or awareness. Just because the majority of people do not know this law, nor practise it, does not mean that it does not exist. For those who are sufficiently open-minded to put the Law of Agreement into practice within their relationship, here are five essential exercises to get you started.


1.    Agree to Agree

No two people will agree on everything, especially when you are living with somebody twenty-four hours a day. Your relationship will have suffered from many disagreements over the course of time; that is inevitable. But it is possible for every couple that share the same fundamental values or goals, to agree to agree. This means that you both allow each-other to express how you feel and think about a given project, goal or aim without being censored or supressed. It also means developing the ability to listen to your partner with an open mind, in order to hear not only what they are saying, but to understand the feeling behind their words.


2.    Develop the Practice of Agreement

Having agreed to agree, one of the best and most effective ways to practise agreeing together is through an exercise that I call the “20-20 Experience.” Arrange to meet with your partner, ideally at a regular time and day or evening every week, to share your thoughts and feelings regarding a particular relationship topic. For example, you both may choose to air your feelings about your relationship generally, or something more specific such as the children or finances. Use a timer on your watch or phone, and set it at 20 minutes. Decide who will start the exercise. Whoever starts, will be allowed to use the allotted 20 minutes to share openly and fully how you feel about the issue (children, money, etc.). You will not be interrupted by your partner throughout the 20-minute period. He or she will be listening deeply and without judgment. When the timer rings, your time of sharing is over for now. It is your partner’s opportunity to have 20 minutes to share their feelings.  No response is permitted at this stage.  Do not use the next 20 minutes in trying to affect your partner’s feelings.  This is not an opportunity to criticise your partner, it is your chance to express your own feelings without interruption and without any guilt.


3.    Know What You Want

Many couples live without clear aims or purpose. When asked what they really want in their relationship, or in their life together, most people are unsure. Perhaps we are not allowed to dream, to desire something better. Do you want a better home, car, career? Would you love “holiday of a lifetime?” What can you both agree on, that you would love to have or to experience? We usually know what we need, and that is necessary, but over and above what you and your partner need, what are your desires? Begin to ask yourself and to ask your partner: “What do you really want?”


4.    Start with Small Projects

The Law of Agreement requires that you and your partner can agree on something “as though you can feel it.” You must both contribute to the detail so that you can both see your shared desire in your mind’s eye, in full colour; like a painting or a movie. Enjoy sharing together in regular 20-20 Experiences (see 2. above) as you “paint the picture” together. This is creative agreement. Start with small, everyday desires and test the Law of Agreement. As you see the power of agreement working in your life, you will become more confident together and the projects and desires that you manifest together will expand.


5.    Live As Though You Have Already Received What You Agreed

A further universal law, which works in conjunction with the law of agreement, is the Law of Assumption. Briefly stated, this law tells us that having agreed together with our chosen partner on a particular aim or desire, we can assume that it is already “being delivered.” You are not to doubt. What you have agreed upon is yours already. Speak together as though it is accomplished. Remind each-other every day that the delivery is “on it’s way.”



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