It is a very common thing to hear people say: “Of course, sex isn’t everything…”

They are wrong. Sex is at the heart of everything. Of course, there is a grain of truth in what they say. Sex isn’t every thing—it is the Source of Everything. Every thing owes its existence to sex. What we call “sex” is at the centre of all manifestation, throughout the Universe; even the “Big-Bang” was a cosmic orgasm—combustion of masculine and feminine energy.Sex is the fundamental force in every being, the most powerful force in Nature: the evidence of The Source of All.

Sex is an enigma. It is a gift, some say, while others believe it to be the root of all our problems. It has been the source of both pleasure and pain for humankind since we first stepped our footprints upon the earth. Sex is a catalyst for the best and the worst in the human being. In one direction, sex leads to progressive states of satisfaction, regeneration, fulfillment, joy, ecstasy, bliss and freedom; in the opposite direction it can lead progressively into states of anxiety, depletion, regret, inertia, obsessions and even terror. It is precisely this potential for such contrasting experience that creates so much confusion and negativity surrounding sex.

Love or loath it, indulge in it or avoid it, sex is here to stay; at least, it will still be with us in its current form for several thousand years. In fact, until we fully realise the true potential of our sexual selves as human beings, we will be unable to evolve further as a species or as a world community. Until human beings have evolved to a stage where the method of reproduction is fundamentally changed, sex will be the means by which life enters the world stage.

In our modern arrogance in the West, we base our scientific knowledge of sex upon twentieth century researchers such as Alfred Kinsey, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Religions have limited the meaning of sex to the means of procreation. Even those with a more enlightened—or at least, a more adventurous spirit—have limited their explorations of sex to so-called tantric sexual practices aimed at enhancing pleasure for couples.

But at the very epicentre of what we call “sex” is the mystic heart of our existence. Unravelling the real meaning and purpose of Sex explains all the secrets of esoteric knowledge, uniting all systems of religions and spiritual paths with modern physics, science and biology. In fact, it is no exaggeration to state that the key to all the mysteries of the Universe is to be found in Sex.

The highest purpose of Sex is to benefit the world and the evolution of the human race by releasing the energies of love into the atmosphere of the planet: a potential service to mankind that every couple can perform at will during the act of real lovemaking.

There are other important—albeit secondary—benefits to be derived from understanding the Mystic Heart of Sex and practising lovemaking with full consciousness of the necessary esoteric knowledge. On an individual and personal level, the true purpose of Sex is a multidimensional enneagramme—ninefold, or nonet—the attainment, development and enhancement of:

Personal Magnetism;
Energy and vitality;
Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing;
Longevity of Life;
Freedom and Love
Insight and Wisdom
Mastery of Fear of Death
Knowledge of Life After Death

At this stage of my life—I am now entering the eleventh stage of life—I am committing the next seven years to writing and teaching the secrets that unlock the Mystic Heart of Sex. These blogs are a small part of that commitment. Seminars, workshops and trainings follow. Stay in touch if you are one of those who are searching for the real meaning of Sex. Details will be listed on this website.

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