To understand the second principle, we must even dispense with the concept of a self-existing Universe. Our galaxy, of which our solar system occupies the spatial equivalent of a cupboard under the stairs in a vast country mansion, is now known by astronomers to be like an infinitesimal sphere within hundreds of billions of galaxies, clusters and super-clusters of galaxies within an infinite Universe. As we explore ever deeper, beyond our immediate neighbourhood in space, dimensions change and our perceptions change along with them. Time dissolves into infinity. We lose the linear relativity consciousness that goes along with our three dimensional vision. Everything we cherish as real dissipates as we expand into greater realities.

Gradually, we discover ourselves to be born, not simply from the womb of a woman, but from the stars. As Darryl Reanney writes in his book written shortly before his death, “There are trillions of hydrogen atoms in our bodies. The texture of our bodies and brains…is still continuous with an event that took place more than 13 billion years ago. We are still part of that ‘great silent fire at the beginning of time’… our bodies are made of star-ash. We are children of the stars”.

Yet the second quantum element requires us to enquire still further, more deeply and profoundly: “Whence come the stars?”

Our planet, solar system and galaxy is born, not from luck or cosmic chance as scientific hypothesis would have us believe, but from cosmic consciousness. It was further formed through intelligent forces working throughout the cosmos and is constantly and forever in perpetual motion, emanating from a source of all existence that we call: ‘The Source of All’.

The Source of Everything

This is where we must perhaps take the greatest quantum shift in our thinking and in our understanding. We have already discussed, in our elucidation of the first Element of Quantum Sex, that everything in the universe is connected and inter-related. The second Principle requires that we explore our mind beyond the intellect in order to comprehend the incomprehensible: the Source of Everything.

A ‘Source of All’ is beyond the capability of our ordinary human intellect to grasp. So much so, that some of the most ancient and authoritative sacred Indian texts, the Upanishads and the Vedas dating from around two thousand years before the current era, describe what such a ‘source’ is not. It is “neti, neti”, they say: “not this, not this”. The Source of All is certainly not a man, with or without a proverbial grey beard! Nor is the Source of All, a woman. The Source of Everything cannot be limited to a single word, or concept, such as the traditional understanding of ‘God’. The Source is neither man nor woman, because it is not a person; although it is intensely, essentially and paradoxically personal. This will require some further explanation.