What is the essence, the substance, of the Universe? The answer is warmth. This warmth is not derived directly from the sun; what we experience from the sun is heat. Warmth is not felt when we sit in front of a fire; that, too, is heat. The essence of life—warmth—is that which the sun receives and radiates throughout the solar system. It emanates from the Source of All: behind the sun. It is this essence that animates our bodies and our minds. It is the first element of life that is welcomed in the new-born baby and the one most missed by those who grieve at the moment of a loved one’s death. It is the basic building block upon which the entire universe manifests. Without it, there can be no life. Warmth radiates throughout the galaxy, beyond the sun. Life force is everywhere. Simply stated, everything emanates from warmth. The Source of All is warmth. It is around you and inside you right now. It is the primordial exhalation, and could be described as: “God is Warm.”


The Problem of God

For far too long now, the majority in the Western world have been defending themselves from the very notion of “God” as portrayed by traditional religions over the past millennium. This defence has affected social, moral and sexual attitudes and behavioural patterns, causing a schism in the world and within the psyche. Many have turned to Eastern spiritual and sexual practices, while at the same time, maintaining an unconscious defence against anything considered being an Intelligent Higher Source. The word “God” has become anathema to millions of Westerners; even those considered spiritual aspirants and committed to spiritual and sexual practices. It is time for this defence to be withdrawn, the knife to be dropped. Political walls that have divided races and cultures throughout the modern world for generations have crumbled over the past two decades. This particular era will see the barrier between human beings and the Source of All, crumble and fall. As the wall comes down, so will barriers between male and female, East and West, sex and spirit. The authoritative documents ring clear . . . God is the One unique being, untouched by desire, existing beyond all suffering. Unblemished by action, free from cause and effects . . .

To find “God” we must look within ourselves. To be reconciled to God is to be reconciled with our self. Is God male or female? The Source of All is neither male nor female; but is both male and female. God is best described as, not as “He” or “She” but as “That.” Note well that all science, omni-science is in “That.”

What is God’s real name? The ancient documents reveal God’s real name in utter clarity: ‘God’s name is Om.


Direct Proof

There is only one way to prove the existence of the Source of All. You must prove it for yourself. No amount of intellectual knowledge or belief can connect you with the Source of Life. Once you have even one true personal experience of the Source of Life, nothing will ever be able to make you doubt the Divine Intelligence at the heart of all existence. The experience of direct connection with the Source of All is often referred to as bliss, ecstasy or beatific. It is like a sudden shock. All have three elements in common.

First, the essential element of the beatific experience: a special kind of light appears. The particular frequency of this luminosity is unmistakable; it cannot be replicated even through computer technology. It is like a kaleidoscope of swirling, turning diamonds clustered in formation like birds in flight, encased in a crystal rainbow. It comes from the centre of your forehead and illuminates the immediate environment. The normal world turns dark in comparison. Inside the ‘diamonds’ are further diamonds. Everything is connected together in this beautiful, dancing kaleidoscope.

Second, a peculiar sound is heard. It is like the whirring sound of a motor, or engine. It is like the contented purring of a cat. It is like the roaring waves of an ocean. It is all around, yet it is coming from within. It is comforting, and at the same time, exhilarating. It is the primordial sound of the cosmos. The sound is called “The Word” in Christian terminology, “The Amen” to Sufis;“The Aum” to Hindus and Buddhists.

Third, a special kind of peace and joy descends. It is “bliss”. This state is beyond peace; beyond happiness. No other word describes it better than “bliss.” The beatific experience, personal proof of the existence of the Divine Intelligence, happens either with open or closed eyes. It is not a dream, nor is it hallucination. Such an experience will take place at the most unexpected of times and places. It is not confined to religious places or occasions; in fact, I have known very few such experiences to occur in regular church or temple services or ceremonial gatherings. The experience arrives when the individual person is ready.

After such a visitation, all doubt is removed. The most learned academics, claiming to have evidence that there is no God, could not dissuade someone who has met the Source of All on their personal ‘road to Damascus’. The direct experience is proof certain, established and final.


Spiritual Exercises

Proven practices guarantee the spiritual development of any individual. Meditation, concentration and special breathing methods are equivalent to experimental methods for gaining empirical evidence in a scientific quest for any particular proof. How or when does this proof arrive? As I have already said, “it arrives when a person is ready.”

What is the best and most certain way to arrive at this conclusive proof? The essential quality of the search, the quest, is love. All spiritual documents, teachings and masters agree: “God is Love”. These three powerful words may be expressed somewhat differently according to language and culture but all come down to the same simple yet utterly profound statement. The Source of Everything is Love.

At last we can summarise the second Quantum Element:  all existence; galaxies, solar systems, planets and living beings are interconnected, interrelated and emanate from an intelligent Source: The Source of All.