The Spirit was indivisible, existing alone in the home of infinity Even as thus, the One became two: spirit and nature, man and woman, positive and negative, peacock and peahen, the jewel of male and female.

                                                                                                                        Paramahansa Yogananda


There are three fundamental pillars upon which Quantum Sex stands. They are not doctrines to be believed but ideas, or hypotheses, that Quantum Sex prove. These essential tenets – the ‘Elements of Quantum Sex’ – must be realised not simply with the intellect but with the whole person. Without them sex may be enjoyable, exciting and even metaphysical, but not Quantum Sex.

The first Quantum Element concerns the interconnected, inter-related nature of the Universe and everything in it. The second Element is related to the source of life. The third Element reveals the true nature of the human being and the mind. I call these three principles ‘Existence’, ‘Source of Existence’ and ‘Quantum Self’. Quantum Sex is the embodiment of the quantum elements. To explain these elements is something extremely difficult to do. We must first remove the old ideas that shield, or hide, them from our understanding.

The first idea that we must relinquish is the notion of anything in the universe being separate and self-existing, including ourselves.  Based on this same idea, people appear to exist as isolated, separate beings; born from a female human yet standing apart from her. There was a time when this idea of separateness was not so strong as it is today.

We have moved beyond the era of the tight-knit, tribal society and currently live in a global community. The world is our family. Unfortunately, the average person has not consciously adopted this sense of belonging to the world community. They may have moved beyond the old idea of exclusively belonging to a tribe or family bloodline, but are now recognised by material status and wealth. Their identity is now defined by how successful they are in terms of power and wealth.  This has crystallised and solidified a strong belief in separation, not only from the family out of which we emerge, but also the human race into which we are born.

The first quantum element not only transcends the idea of the separation and objective existence. There are many realms, or dimensions, of existence and all are interwoven and interrelated. Even nature is connected to further, elemental, levels of existence. The tree is connected to the earth, for example. The earth, furthermore, is dependent upon water and heat drawn from the atmosphere, affected primarily by the sun. The human race is connected to the earth as our solid base for physical life, and also upon the animals that populate the planet. The Earth is but one planet connected to our sun. The solar system is part of our galaxy, one of billions of inter-related galaxies throughout the universe. And as the animals are connected to human beings, we are connected to higher forms of conscious life at work throughout the universe.

Of course, the individual person has conscious experiences that appear to be isolated from any deeper connections. In that sense, the person really exists and is not necessarily hallucinating or delusional, but if the person in question were to embody this quantum principle, they would intuitively know themselves to be connected to a chain of causes leading to the source of existence itself. Those who are open to this quantum element are conscious of being part of a cosmic family. Separation does not exist in the universe. Everything and every living being is connected in some way.  To summarise the first Quantum Element:  Everything, and all life, throughout the Universe is connected and inter-related.