The year just ended—2021—was, for me, a year of two special anniversaries. I didn’t make this widely known or celebrated publicly, mainly because the pandemic was of far greater importance to everybody than something that was more relevant to me as an individual. At the turn of the year, however, I feel that I want to at least give these anniversaries a mention rather than to ignore them completely.

It was exactly fifty years ago, in 1971, that I first consciously stepped upon the spiritual path; one that changed, defined and expanded my life beyond all recognition or expectation. The Path has been at times quite difficult and testing.  Fifty years later, I am still learning; having new experiences and gleaning answers to yet more mysteries of life.

2021 was also the thirty-year anniversary of the beginning of my work as a transpersonal sexual therapist. It was in October 1991 that I was asked by a group of business entrepreneurs and medical doctors to help in the setting up of a medical clinic in the U.S. that was to specialise in the medical treatment of male impotence. The actual assignment lasted a couple of years. When I returned to the UK, I started the work in London and developed a transpersonal programme called ICASA, which stands for Intimacy, Consciousness And Self-Awareness.

Earlier in the year just past I had something of a spiritual experience, or maybe just a personal realisation. The experience felt to me as though an inner voice said, “compile your body of teaching in a special collection of books that can be accessed easily by everybody who needs it”.

I hadn’t thought of the ICASA programme as a “body of teaching”, but in that moment I realised that was exactly what it is. So for the past six months I have compiled thirty years teaching in a set of books—a special collection—that early in this New Year will become available and affordable for everyone. The first book in the collection is “Sexual Confidence for Men – How to Solve The Three Deadly Sexual Problems”; this book is further complimented by “Taking Charge – How to Master Your Erection” and “Breaking Free – Solving Premature Ejaculation”. The collection is completed with “Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy – Examining the Mystery, Exploding the Myths and Explaining the Therapy”.

Within these four books there is contained the body of teaching that I have spent the past thirty years of my life discovering and helping people with in continuous professional practice at The School of Intimacy, Consciousness And Self-Awareness in the UK.

I don’t consider myself to be the sole author of these books: around fifteen hundred men and couples have, in a sense, written them through their personal experience and heroism. I have simply observed what has worked for those men and documented their journey, together with my understanding and interpretation of the spiritual principles that have enabled their experience to be effective.

Over the next three or four months, I plan to write a blog and post a video on my YouTube channel weekly; to explain in the briefest and simplest of ways the main teaching contained in all of the collection of books. My aim is to get the teaching out into the public domain. Conventional sex therapy and psychotherapy does not commonly contain the transpersonal dimension that is the active ingredient, which ensures successful outcomes for any individual, regardless of conditioning and culture.

I dedicate this special collection to those who have supported and helped me personally and professionally over this past thirty years in clinical practice and also to the many brave men, and couples, who have taken this Hero’s Journey in order to transform themselves and their relationships.