There is a science to mastering intimate relationships. The trouble is, most people enter into a relationship without knowing this science and so when things start to go wrong, they have no idea how to put them right.

There are Universal principles and laws that work for or against everyone, whether they’re aware of them or not. The major principle that underwrites the science of intimate relationships is the relationship between the feminine and the masculine principles, or energies, of the Universe. These energies can be likened to the positive and negative leads in the electrical cable which, when they interact, the lights come on. Similarly, in relationships when these energies begin to vibrate, the interaction between them potentially creates every possible life-form. Within every atom, within every electron and proton, within every cell, within every hormone, within every molecule, there is a masculine and feminine polarity. This is the reason why, here on Earth in our masculine and feminine bodies, there is a deep longing and striving to interact; in order to be creative.

You don’t have to believe what I’m saying, you can prove it for yourself. There are seven Master Keys and seven Essential Practices that are universal which, if you understand them and learn them—and if you practice them—will result in a relationship that is indestructible. Try it for yourself. Discover the Master Keys and Essential Practices and you won’t need to believe me; you will prove it for yourself.