The Sixth Stage of Sexual Development is reached when an individual, or a couple, can experience a particular range of orgasmic states at will. This Stage begins with an expansion from genital orgasm to whole-body orgasm, and is available to both men and women.   In men, it is orgasm beyond ejaculation.  In women, it is orgasms beyond the clitoris.  It is an aspect of life-force control, attained and enjoyed by certain individuals and couples who are able to develop a relationship that includes intimacy and sexuality at a sufficiently open and truthful level of consciousness.

Experienced authentically, the sixth or orgasmic phase of sex encourages good physical health, high energy levels and longevity of life. It also produces extraordinary relationships that have the potential to be a catalyst for a powerful healing influence in the world. In practice, it is only where a relationship is already extraordinary that such “high voltage” experiences can be sustained and in which the sexual co-exists alongside the social, secular and spiritual activities of life. Some people may have merely spontaneous or one-off “kundalini” experiences at earlier phases of sexuality, but these are rarely repeated or maintained consistently.

The potential “downside” to the Sixth Stage of Sexual Development is one or other partner becoming obsessive or self indulgent. The orgasmic state can become intoxicating, and unless there is sufficient moral and spiritual grounding and development in a person’s character, the higher levels of sexual experience can be damaging to the everyday aspects of a relationship. It is vital that a couple explore such realms with a commitment to total truth and honesty, and that they practise open and authentic communication around their individual feelings and experiences; and especially the occasional lack of feeling or great experiences.