The soul is “twin-sexed”.  Souls are androgynous, both feminine and masculine. This twin-sexed nature is a perfectly balanced blend of masculine and feminine energy. The embryonic baby in the uterus is both male and female, sharing sexual organs that will become either male or female at a particular stage in the womb. Its gender destiny is determined at a level of organisation, intelligence and existence higher than that understood by even the most advanced medical science; by the effect of chromosomes on the physical body.

Chromosomes are thread-like structures emanating from the chromosphere – a reddish, gaseous realm that lies above the photosphere of the sun and other fixed stars. The physical human body is infused, enlivened, surrounded and sustained by an energy “body” without which no physical body could move or fully experience life as a self conscious being. The energy body permeates the physical foetus when the soul enters through the medulla oblongata at the base of the skull.  The energy, or life body then merges with the physical body, enabling feeling and personal experience. The mother becomes aware when this time arrives.

The energy body of the embryonic girl baby is masculine in essence, and the energy body of the embryonic boy baby is feminine in essence. This great mystery explains the attraction between the sexes and provides the challenges, and the potential, for deeper self-awareness through the sexual relationship maze of life. Because opposite magnetic poles attract, the feminine energy of the male baby, “dressed in blue”, is attracted to its own male body. The masculine energy of the female baby, “dressed in pink”, will be attracted to its own female body. This attraction “glues” the ethereal body to the physical and gradually, through the following years of self-exploration and attraction, the twin-sexed soul is fully embodied. The soul feels at home in its physical body, recognising its gender on earth as either man or woman. Of course, there are complications that occur in this intricate process but such complexities are beyond the scope, or the purpose, of this blog.

The energy body is also further enlivened and empowered by yet subtler forces, or “bodies”, such as those that light up the consciousness of the baby through its physical senses after birth. The energy body within the physical body is a wondrous network endocrines and energy centres. This incredibly wonderful and complex multi-dimensional organism is what is seen as a sweet, gurgling baby dressed in pretty pink or blue in the arms of a mother who has recently experienced the wonderful, mysterious, painful, frightening and exhilarating process of childbirth.

Metaphysical Sex is a way of loving that is built upon being fully present to feelings. We need to explore further the range of feelings that human beings are capable of experiencing.


The Energy Centres in the Body

There are actually four primary “centres” or “bodies” that constitute the human organism.  In the same way that the human physical body is made up of many cells, the human psyche – or soul – is made up of various energy and consciousness centres.

The first of these centres we may call the Physical Centre, that is a combination of instincts, sex and movements. The second body we have just described as the Energy Body, or the Body of Feelings. The third body we call the Mind, or Thinking Centre, and the fourth the real Self.

These subtler bodies interact with the higher energies of the universal structures, giving rise to feelings. The physical body is as though it were woven together with the subtle bodies. Along the “front” of our physical body we have physical organs: eyes through which we experience sight, ears through which we connect with sound, nose through which we can identify different fragrances, tongue and lips through which we taste and skin through which we experience sensation.

Also along the front of the body, but within the psyche and therefore invisible to the eye or microscope, there are energy centres. While the physical organs are actually organs of perception, the energy centres are our organs of experience, or feeling. With the physical organs, we sense. With the energy centres we experience.

In my next Quantum Sex blogs, we will take a closer look at these energy centres and the range of feelings that are available to us.